March 17, 2019

17 Landscape Architecture Ideas for a Perfect Swimming Pool Area in Plainview, NY

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A well-designed pool is about more than just the water—it’s the area around the pool that makes the experience. Here are 17 landscape architecture ideas for a perfect swimming pool area in Plainview, NY.

A Wonderful Entry

Make a statement with the pool area entry by strategically positioning a beautiful masonry walkway and steps that ensure maximum visual impact.

Sun Worship and a Shady Place to Relax

Extend your enjoyment of your pool by having a place to relax in the sun and in the shade. A permanent shade structure like a pergola or gazebo provides welcome relief from the blazing sun.

Fire by the Water

Take the chill off with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace—a fire feature extends your time outdoors with a spot to dry off and relax after a good swim.

A Spa Feel

Create a tranquil spa-like atmosphere with white, light gray, or cream-colored pavers and simple plantings.

A Party Pool Deck

An outdoor kitchen ensures the pool party stays outdoors by keeping food and beverages handy. A spacious pool deck allows everyone to enjoy the pool as they like—splashing, lounging, cooking, or conversing.

Seats for Everyone

Lounge chairs and dining chairs are great for everyday use, and low garden walls double as seating without cluttering the space with additional furniture.

A Unified Landscape

Make a pool deck feel more like part of the landscape by using the same or complementary stone pavers that you use in other outdoor spaces, like your patio.

Places to Play

A grassy poolside play area gives kids somewhere to hang out when they’re not in the water. Plus, it’s the perfect setting for a game of croquet.

Old-World Flair

Bring old-world elegance to your pool by adding lanterns, groomed shrubbery, and richly toned pavers reminiscent of brick courtyards.


Poolside Zen

Set aside a corner of the pool deck for a meditation retreat or zen garden. Decorative rocks, a quiet place to sit, and a closed-in intimate feel add to the tranquility.

Nighttime Fun

Warm, vibrant lighting lets you use your pool long after the sun has set and encourages people to linger outdoors. Line retaining walls or garden walls with low-voltage lighting to provide pleasing ambience. And add drama by spotlighting features such as a statue. Underwater lighting would create wonderful shimmering light.



Make your pool area blend gorgeously into the landscape by following its contours or by using free-form shapes that give the pool deck an organic feel.

A Touch of Green

Careful consideration of the plantings around your pool will provide shading and something to admire when you’re lounging poolside. Use native plants to make your pool deck blend perfectly into the landscape.

Multiple Levels

Create visual interest by creating multiple levels within your landscape. A slope by your pool could be tiered with a set of gorgeous stone retaining walls, or you could have an elevated patio to designate that area as completely separate from where you swim.

Make Nature Part of the Poolscape

Boulders, waterfalls, lush plantings, meandering paths made of stones and tufts of grass emphasize the nature side of your landscape, and create an inviting area for playing and relaxing outdoors.

Match the Size

Balance is key. A pool and its surrounding pool deck should complement the size of the home. Don’t let a large home overwhelm a tiny pool, and don’t let a narrow, awkward pool deck make a big pool feel cramped.

Honor Your Style

Whether you love the simple luxury of a spa or the opulence of a Mediterranean villa, opt for a pool and pool deck that reflect your personality and complement your home’s architectural style.


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