August 27, 2018

3 Backyard Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Even the Most Demanding Home Cooks in Bethpage, NY

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Outdoor kitchens have come a long way in Bethpage, NY. They’ve expanded from the simple grill and table combination to become as elaborate as indoor kitchens, complete with ovens, sinks, ranges, islands, and more. Though you don’t have to be an avid foodie to appreciate a good outdoor kitchen, serious cooks may find themselves no longer satisfied with just a grill—they need ideas for backyard designs for a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Galley Style

A galley style kitchen is a more traditional setup that involves an alley for the cook and appliances or workspace on both sides. Although indoor galley-style kitchens can sometimes feel cramped and antiquated, they can have a new life in the more spatial outdoors.

On one side, you can have a large sink next to a counter area that you can use to prep food. Under the counter space is a perfect place to put a wine fridge so that you can keep all your favorite alcoholic beverages nice and cool while you cook. You can also use the space under your counter as cabinetry to store any plates, utensils, glasses, or cookware. Put a few stools on the other side of the counter so that your guests can keep you company while you prepare the food.

For the other side, a large grill can be used to barbecue all your favorite summer foods. You could even add a flat griddle to make smaller food items. Put a bit of counter space on either side of the grill, to give you a spot for prepped foods that are ready to grill and another spot for the finished product.

Open Concept Outdoor Kitchen

Open concept spaces are all the rage in modern design, both indoors and out. These open spaces provide a free flow format. An L-shaped kitchen space is one example. This leaves ample room for people to walk through and around, providing enough space for more than one person to cook at a time. Use one side for the grill and rangetop, and one side for food preparation. You could also install a countertop with two levels that can double as an island so your guests could eat and drink while you have a separate space to prepare more food.

Brick Oven Centerpiece

Adding a brick oven is an awesome way to add fun and excitement to your backyard kitchen. Everybody loves pizza, and it’s a great food that gets everyone involved. Build one as the focal point of your outdoor cooking area not too far from your dining space. You could throw a fun build-your-own pizza party where guests get to show off their creativity and take part in the cooking. Make sure to have your food preparation area close by to chop vegetables, meats, and cheeses. You could also use the brick oven to make fresh bread or creative focaccias, in addition to a variety of other foods.

Be sure to choose an outdoor kitchen design that will give you the most use out of it. Think about what type of cooking you normally like to do indoors, and use that to inform your priorities for an outdoor kitchen. Adding whatever you need outdoors will ensure that you don’t have to keep going in and out of your house to grab things, letting you spend more time with your guests. Happy cooking!


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