September 23, 2017

3 Designs for a Beach-Style Pool Patio for your NY Backyard

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Imagine being able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a beach getaway from the comfort of your Plainview, NY, home. Not only would this allow you to avoid the hassle of traveling but you can also enjoy the privacy most public beaches lack. With these beach-style pool patio designs, you can transform your backyard into a beautiful beachy setting perfect for weekend relaxation.

Authentic seaside

Creating an authentic beach style patio can require a number of steps. For starters, you can ensure that your pool design gives you the feeling of sliding into the water. This would require the shallow side gradually tapering off and melding with the patio allowing you to gradually ease yourself into the water. This is possible with a beach entrance pool. Why not add to this seaside feeling by adding a sandpit area for the kids?

When it comes to the important matter of patio furniture, a large beach umbrella is a must, purely for aesthetics. This can be coupled with folding beach chairs or outdoor lounge chairs to keep with the theme. Gold sandstone pavers are ideal for creating a pool deck with a sunny, beachy feel, while elements of salt-washed wood can add a further rustic seaside appeal.

Tropical beach

For those favoring the more exotic locales, a tropical style beach patio would be a unique project to really set your backyard apart. This style of design requires an abundance of greenery surrounding the patio area. The choice of plants is also important, with bright, colorful plants being naturally suited to this theme. With this style, you can also include water features as well as large rocks to mimic a waterfall common with natural tropical beaches. Not only does this make the whole design feel more authentic but does a wonderful job of offsetting the greenery in both texture and hues.

A tropical style pool hut or refreshments bar are also worthwhile additions to take your pool patio to the next level of luxury. Don’t forget to add landscape and pool lighting to the area too. Highlight the stunning plants and cascading waterfalls with focused fixtures and consider adding blue or green underwater lighting to give your pool the feel of a tropical lagoon after dark.

Beach party patio

A beach party is the ultimate social gathering, so a beach party patio is an ideal way to keep your friends and family entertained. With this design, a fire pit is highly recommended because nothing says beach pool party quite like a roaring bonfire. Fixed seating around the fire pit is one easy way to accommodate a lot of people in a smaller space.

Consider installing waterproof outdoor speakers in the surrounds to keep your design in line with the party theme. The addition of an outdoor cocktail bar – or a swim up bar for the adventurous – can also be a great way to achieve a lively party mood. Pool integrated fountains or water jets are another element that can add vibrancy and ambience to a beach party patio.


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