September 6, 2020

3 Designs for Traditional Patios in Northport and Oyster Bay NY Areas

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A well-planned patio can become the hub of your favorite activities—dinner outdoors, a calm spot to read, and the place where you finish your day with a nightcap. Because a patio can be fitted to any sized backyard, they can come in all shapes and sizes.  Any one of these traditional patio designs can transform your  Northport and Oyster Bay, NY, area landscape into a more functional, gorgeous setting.

Patio Pool Surrounds

It only makes sense to have a patio adjoining your pool surround. One of the most important characteristics of a pool surround is a non-slip surface and this would be true for a patio space, too. When wet kids hop out of the water, they don’t stop to think about how slippery the surface might be—they just want to run over for a drink or snack—but you do care about the safety of the surface.

A traditional patio to complement your swimming pool area can be composed of beautiful but safe paving stones that match the existing deck or stones that provide a contrast to designate a different use of the space. A talented stone mason could tie the whole space together with a pretty stone border that makes the patio feel as if it has been there as long as the pool.

Small Backyard Patio

You  might be tempted to think that because your backyard is small that there is no space for a traditional brick patio but you will be surprised when a landscape design team can produce the right patio for your outdoor space. Many homeowners love a brick patio because it can be at home in a traditional landscape as well as an urban one—brick belongs everywhere.

A stone mason can build wide and deep steps just outside your back door to usher you from the house and into your personal and private patio. You could choose to have most of the surface as bricks but complete the design with a central stone pattern that is echoed in the perimeter banding or you might decide to let the brick form the contrast to another stone choice.

A custom design for a small backyard patio can be personalized to your wishes so that you end up with the al fresco dining space you have dreamed of, the perfect spot to end the day on a comfortable couch, or the secret garden that only you know is there.

Patio with a Fire Pit

When you build a traditional patio with a fire pit, you might never leave your backyard. There is something special about fire that draws you in and brings those feelings of calm and rest to your spirit. A masonry and landscape design company can take an existing patio and add a fire pit or they can plan an entirely new patio with the fire pit in a strategic place. There are so many stone color choices and sizes that you can construct a fire pit and patio that is unique to your landscape.

There is no better way to relax with family and friends than on a one-of-a-kind patio for your Northport and Oyster Bay, NY, area landscape and there’s no better way to create a custom outdoor living space than by installing a beautiful traditional paver patio.


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