April 30, 2019

3 Interior Masonry Ideas for Your Smithtown, NY, Fireplace

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If you are building a Smithtown, NY, home or refreshing your current one, a fireplace can become a gorgeous focal point to any room. There are so many ways to add character to your home with the use of expert interior masonry.

Traditional Brick Fireplace

Many homes have a traditional fireplace built of brick, but a brick fireplace can complement a rustic home or a contemporary, as well. Bricks are not limited to the familiar clay red color but are available in multiple colors. For instance, if you have a contemporary home, you might choose a white brick or a pale gray to continue a monochromatic, neutral look. Tan bricks work well as a fireplace color, too, because tan can match so many different décor looks. One unusual way to use bricks for a fireplace is to incorporate the fireplace on one wall of an entirely brick walled room, creating a warm and cozy den.

Of course, you might prefer the red brick color for your home, but you could consider having a less precise looking mortar to give the fireplace an aged appearance. You might even want to do something a little different and use a technique called German smear, which uses wet mortar smeared over the bricks to incorporate the charm of old-world Europe.

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Dramatic Rock Fireplace

A stone or rock fireplace is a stand-out no matter what home it graces. The beauty of a rock fireplace is that the stones can be stacked and rustic, or sleek and clean. Crisp, linear stones can bring an urban feel for a fireplace, and if your home boasts high ceilings, taking the stones all the way to the ceiling would make a fireplace that is like a work of art.

Choosing to leave the fireplace free of a mantle also gives a fresh, dramatic look. And, adding a built-in nook for extra firewood not only adds more visual weight to a fireplace, but also keeps dry firewood conveniently nearby.

A fireplace of rounded river stone is also an attractive option for most homes. The natural color variations and differing stone sizes give the river stone an authentic aesthetic.

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Stone Veneer

Gaining in popularity for its true appearance and affordability, stone veneer comes in the form of lightweight panels molded from actual natural stones. It can be an ideal material to reface an existing interior fireplace because of the ease with which it can be installed over almost any surface.

If you want to have a dazzling new look for your fireplace, then stone veneer could be just what you are looking for. Veneer comes in natural looking brick, stacked stone, river stone, or clean, linear contemporary stone. Whatever the look you desire, there is a stone veneer to accomplish a transformation of your existing fireplace.

Choosing to install or refresh a masonry fireplace has undeniable advantages. Masonry fireplaces make the most of durable material. The rocks or bricks are ideal for withstanding the heat of a fire for many years. They bring a timeless character and warm ambiance to the inside of your home that no other feature can. With both wood burning and gas options, a masonry fireplace for your Smithtown, NY, home can be used year-round.


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