November 13, 2020

3 Interior Masonry Trends That Will Wow Your Family and Friends in Massapequa and Bethpage NY Areas

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One of the hottest trends for interior masonry is exposed brick and stone because of the vast array of colors, textures, and sizes as well as the innovative installation methods that are available. Any one of these masonry trends is sure to wow your family and friends when they come to your Massapequa and Bethpage, NY, area home.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone can be wonderfully versatile products to use in your home construction and design, adding warmth and interest to almost any room in your home and providing homeowners with the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone to something different.


Tones of gray are the hottest color currently, complementing shades of white and lush greenery to create a beautiful combination. While traditional red toned bricks and stone will never go out of style, there are masonry choices in tan, white, black, and mottled earth-toned bricks.

Laying Patterns

Bricks and stone have almost unlimited laying patterns to create a unique aesthetic that you won’t see anywhere else. This can be exactly what you want when choosing a focal wall for inside your home.

Mortar Colors

Different mortar colors can make the same bricks and stone look completely different from one another. Burgundy, brown, black, white and everything in between, the mortar colors are diverse and range from the lightest shade of a color to the darkest shade.

Where to Use Brick and Stone

Many homeowners and their contractors are thinking outside the box in terms of special designs and the use of brick and stone figure prominently into those plans.

Curved Interior Wall

Within your home, consider where you might incorporate a dramatic curving brick or stone wall to add a dramatic effect to a room in your home. If a fully curved wall is not your style but you would like a little something different, consider a partially curved wall in an entry foyer instead of the traditional rectangular or square shape.

Focal Wall

A focal wall can add interest to your kitchen, make a unique nook in the bathroom, or soar as high as your ceiling in the great room. With metallic finish bricks, glass blocks, and stone that presents varied sizes within the same wall, there is no end to the high impact statement walls that can make your home a showplace.

Sculptural Featured Wall

Brick does not have to run in a parallel course but can be laid to create wall art. From recessed nooks to be used as shelves to planning gaps within the wall for visual connection to another room, a sculptural feature wall can separate the dining area from the great room while keeping them connected visually.

Interior fireplaces can be the obvious choice for brick and stone but these materials can do so much more to add textures, unusual patterns, and one-of-a-kind focal points to the inside of your home. Just as when it is used on the exterior of your home, brick and stone are durable, weighty, and timeless for the interior.

Bring warmth and special ambiance to your Massapequa and Bethpage, NY, area home with the talents of a stone masonry and landscape design service with the team who can make your ideas a reality for the inside of your home.


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