March 9, 2020

3 Landscape Design Features to Complement Your Pool in Huntington Station, NY, This Summer

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Having a spot to hold all of the towels or a space to relax in the shade after swimming in your Huntington Station, NY, pool can make the time so much more enjoyable. These landscape design features can complement your pool area with beauty and style.

Swimming Pool Benefits 

Swimming is a fun activity for all ages, but did you know that it can actually improve your mental and physical health? The sunshine and fresh air can boost your vitamin D levels.

Regular activity in the pool can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve your mood. Spending time with family and friends around the pool can build strong bonds and relationships.

Design Features to Complement a Pool

  • Covered lounge: When there is a space with cold drinks for a hot day and comfortable outdoor furniture that resists damage from the pool water, anyone can take a break and get out of the sun. A nearby covered lounge area can hold a refrigerator with assorted drinks while an attached cabinet can accommodate towels and snacks for hungry swimmers. Add some ceiling fans and outdoor furniture that is intended to give everyone a place to sit down, and you have the ultimate rest spot.

  • Expanded patio: While the pool deck is necessary to get in and out of the pool, at times it might not be given the attention it deserves. You can expand your pool deck with a gorgeous masonry stone floor that resists slipping and provides a durable surface for swimmers to enjoy cannonballing into the water, but the pool deck can also be increased to incorporate a patio. The patio can be the perfect place for those who just want to sunbathe or visit with a friend. You can opt for lounge chairs and a dining set that can become the place you love to eat by the pool.

  • Fire feature: Did you know that you can actually build a fire feature such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace near the pool? When it is designed to be open on both sides, swimmers can float by the fire while those who are not swimming can enjoy the other side. Wherever you choose to place a fire feature, that is where people will gather. On a late summer night or during a chilly fall evening, a fire feature can be just what you need to add more delight to your time outdoors.


Talk to Landscape Pros 

Landscape experts know that swimming in a gorgeous pool can’t be beat for summer fun and that adding other special features to the landscape can only improve an already great outdoor activity. When you are considering either a new landscape pool build or a refresh of an existing Huntington Station, NY, pool, swimming can provide hours of fun for everyone in the family.

When you add an expanded patio, a fire feature, and a covered lounge area, the swimming pool space can serve more functional purposes than just swimming. You might find that you look forward to unwinding outside after a long day when there is a sparkling pool and cushiony deck furniture right in your very own backyard.


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