September 27, 2020

3 Landscape Design Ideas for a Large Green Backyard in Bethpage and East Northport NY Areas

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If you love a large, green backyard but also want some definition for this outdoor space, these landscape design ideas can help to bring your yard to life. Taking a big outdoor space and personalizing it can feel intimidating but a skilled landscape service has the ideas and tools to make your love your grassy yard even more.

Add Water

Every yard doesn’t have perfect drainage, even when well-planned. Adding a water feature can turn that around by using the wet space to your advantage. Not only will you remedy what could have been a long-term problem, but the sounds of spilling water can bring a peaceful, happy feeling to your landscape.

The size of a yard can determine which water feature fits the best into your outdoor space and this is where the expertise of a landscape professional can help. A yard with a subtle slope can be the perfect space for a tiered pond and waterfall combination where the water spills into a pond below. Because the water recirculates, there is minimal maintenance to keep the water flowing and the bees and birds visiting.

If you want to use up less grassy space, consider adding a bubbling fountain to a little rock garden that is surrounded with bright green shrubs and seasonal flowers. Using shrubs that attract butterflies can make this a fun spot to see the wildlife enjoy the water, too.

Expand the Patio

One of the advantages of a large yard can be joy you see on your children’s faces when they run and play on a pretty day. A grassy expanse can the be a great place to set up a volleyball net for a family game or for the kids to play tag and do cartwheels. When you have an expanded patio of beautiful stone with carefully placed seating, the older people can delight right along with the kids.

Adjoining the patio can be a great spot for adding a fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace to ward off the chill on those cool evenings before the cold weather sets in—even a fire on a summer night can be an excuse to roast some marshmallows for yummy smores. A skilled stone masonry and landscape service can build a fire feature of the same stone found on the patio or you can select another stone to visually designate a different outdoor space.

Bring it to Light

Your gorgeous green landscape might look amazing during the daytime but after the sun sets, the view is lost. When you incorporate strategic landscape lighting, not only will your nighttime landscape shine as much as the daytime one, but your children can continue to play outside for many more hours. Outdoor lighting can enhance how your family enjoys the wide, grassy space by illuminating the spaces you love.

From a stone patio large enough to hold comfortable furniture to the amazing sounds of a waterfall, a skilled landscape and masonry service can transform how you enjoy your beautiful yard. Welcoming friends for special occasions to lazy fall nights spent with family can be even better when you add a landscape feature or two. When you love your yard but want something special to bring an added benefit, one of these landscape designs can do the trick.


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