July 23, 2020

3 Landscape Design Ideas That Utilize Existing Features in Commack and Long Island, NY Areas

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Did you know that a landscape design and masonry company can use existing features in your Commack and Long Island, NY, area yard to deliver a fresh new look? From a wall or a patio or an outdoor kitchen, they can take what you already have and make it so much better.



Many patios can feel like they are just an afterthought, an expected part of a home but certainly not the centerstage star they could be. A skilled masonry contractor can help you change that sad little patio into the outdoor space you have always wanted.

Starting with an expansion of the base, you can choose from a wide array of paving stones to customize the floor of the patio. From gray to tan to sleek white, the tones of the paving stones can elevate the look of your home’s exterior by extending the colors into your patio.

These paving stones are durable and fade-resistant, able to withstand the cold winter weather and the hot summer sun without chipping, flaking, or breaking off. You can choose a contrasting stone for a gorgeous border or you can separate portions of the patio for specific uses such as for dining. Any patio can accommodate a central design to make the space pop or you can keep it all the same stone and use plants to bring the colorful interest.

Retaining Wall

Usually known as the surefire way to eliminate erosion issues within the landscape, a retaining wall can sometimes just look ugly but a landscape expert can suggest many ways to improve the beauty of an existing wall.

You could choose to incorporate glass blocks at the top of the wall and finish with a flat stone as a cap. Adding pillars to each end can increase the visual interest, especially if the wall begins and/or ends near an outdoor space such as a patio. This can provide a place for you to add lanterns that bring an ambient light to the landscape after the sun sets.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can follow the same path as an indoor kitchen—becoming out of date in tile and stone choices and lacking the latest appliances. Your landscape specialist has the ideas and materials to bring your outdoor kitchen up to speed.

Even if you don’t want to refresh the floor of your kitchen, a landscape and masonry expert can restructure your outdoor space for more efficient cooking while including a space for outdoor dining, too. By choosing stones that blend the floor surface and your new space together, you can incorporate more colors and textures that have a current look. This can be the ideal time to expand the appliances that make your outdoor kitchen a favorite cooking spot–from an ice machine, a cooktop, or a pizza oven—you are only limited by what you wish to cook there.

A landscape company that understands how integral masonry is to a beautiful and useful outdoor space can guide your refresh of any existing Commack and Long Island, NY, area outdoor feature. You won’t believe the difference some updates in materials and appliances and lighting can bring to a space that isn’t your current favorite.

When your outdoor space has a custom feel, it can become the place you most love to go.


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