May 26, 2016

3 Places in Your Backyard Where a Seating Wall is Perfect

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Seating walls are a simple design tool used to create layers and break up a landscape, but did you know they can add an entirely new functional dimension to outdoor rooms? Whether perpendicular or rounded, freestanding or integrated into a retaining wall, seat walls render a space more approachable, encourage conversation, and can accommodate larger groups. Use the following suggestions to rethink three places in your Long Island, NY backyard where a seating wall is perfect!

Enclose a Patio

Use seat walls to create a border around your patio, accentuating its shape with curved lines or right angles. Not only will these features add interest to your outdoor space, but provide an easy seating solution for guests when all your patio furniture is already in use. Walls also offer a permanent and convenient place in your backyard to perch during warm fall or winter days when outdoor furniture is in storage. Moreover, seating walls are excellent safety features, preventing accidental trips and falls from raised patios. To avoid enclosing your patio space off too much, build only along a section of the space to maintain an inviting look.

Enhance a Swimming Pool Area

Swimming pools are wonderful places to gather with family and friends. With limited chair and surface space, however, it can be difficult to compete with the draped towels and tubes of sunscreen thrown all over your pool deck furniture. Construct seat walls along the outer edges of your pool area for an extra surface or two, lending fresh space and seating for relaxed conversation. Walls built close to the poolside, too, can provide an additional supervision spot to overlook small children. Related: Backyard Design Essentials

Surround a Fireplace or Pit

Seating walls are perfect complements to a backyard fireplace or a fire pit due to their laid-back, natural feel. Use them as an extension of your fireplace hearth or surround a stone fire pit with impressive amphitheater-style seating. Prioritize comfort by integrating backrests and seat cushions or pillows for a truly cozy haven. Keep in mind that seat heights should be around 18-20 inches, and to allow at least 24 inches of width for each person you would like to accommodate. Finally, ensure your seat walls are placed at a proper distance from the hearth or fire pit to avoid overheating or burns (or of course, trust your landscaping professional since they’re experts in properly designing outdoor living spaces). If you want to elevate the functionality of your landscape, seat walls are exceptional additions. Make your landscape more enjoyable for friends and family by rethinking these three places in your backyard where a seating wall is perfect!

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