October 28, 2016

3 Pool Design Tips for Working with Sloped Land (especially if you’re on the north shore!)

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If you’re dreaming of creating a relaxing oasis in your Long Island backyard, complete with a swimming pool, the first thing to do is consider the elevation of your land. If you are installing the pool on a sloped area, it can definitely pose some challenges. The good news is that sloped property can actually open up a whole new world of possibilities for your pool design, giving you fresh ideas and inspirations to make your outdoor paradise even more breathtaking than you would have imagined possible. Here are three tips to help you design a pool that will work on sloped elevations.

Embrace a Vanishing Edge

One of the most visually pleasing ways to install a pool in sloped areas is by choosing a vanishing edge design. This creates the illusion that the water spills over the side of the pool on one side and appears to have no wall that holds the water back. By adding this infinity edge on the downhill side, it creates a stunning look that gives a waterfall like effect from a distance. Infinity pools have become a popular choice in recent years because of their modern aesthetic. If your property is already on a significant slope, you have a perfect set-up to install an infinity pool (also known as a vanishing edge) that will complement your property and turn the elevation challenge into a beautiful asset!

Add a Retaining Wall

Another solution for sloped land is to create a beautiful retaining wall, cut into the up slope side of the property. By using natural stone, brick, or other textures that complement the rest of the property, you can essentially use the slope of the land to add a fun design feature that makes your pool area stand out in a new way. Retaining walls can also be used to separate higher and lower levels in the yard, essentially dividing the pool into two levels. You could install a waterfall feature or a built in Jacuzzi in the upper level and a peaceful infinity pool on the downhill side.

Choose the Right Pool Layout

Some pool designs will be better suited to accommodate a sloping property and it’s critical to consider elevation challenges when you choose your pool rather than trying to make a pool design work with a challenging slope in the land. Select a layout that allows the pool to flow with the natural slope of the yard, adding waterfall features on the higher elevations that trickle down into the lower lying areas. Plan to add multiple levels of decking around the pool to add to the look of the various water features. Adding these sloping features in your pool layout creates a dramatic, upscale effect. It also allows you to create zones around the pool where you can add sitting areas, an outdoor fire pit, or even a cabana.

Ultimately, sloped land can actually inspire some creativity to help you select a pool design that is uniquely suited to your property. Rather than looking at sloped elevations as a problem, embrace the possibilities to design a one-of-a-kind outdoor paradise complete with infinity edges, gorgeous retaining walls and water features, and multiple levels of decking.


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