December 30, 2018

3 Tips for Designing Multi-Level Patios in Syosset, NY

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Multi-level patios can be constructed to make the most of a sloped landscape or to create depth and dimension within a dull, flat landscape in Syosset, NY. Such patios tend to grant each level a definite purpose and atmosphere that is separate from the rest. Hence, specific outdoor rooms can, from a design standpoint, easily be created. There are various other reasons to construct an outdoor living space on numerous levels. Here are a few tips for creating memorable multi-level patios:

Organize Your Outdoor Living Space

The most comfortable outdoor living spaces are comprised of outdoor rooms. Similar to the inside of a home, a well-partitioned outdoor living space ideally offers an area to relax, an area to cook, and an area to play and have fun. These outdoor rooms may be the fireside, outdoor kitchen, and pool, respectively. It is important that the boundaries between these areas are well-defined so that the hustle and bustle of the outdoor kitchen cannot taint the cozy, relaxing atmosphere around the fire pit, for example.

By having each room on a different level, accessible solely by a short staircase or sloped walkway, the rooms will automatically feel isolated from the rest of the hardscape. Low walls can also be incorporated into rooms that require additional definition and can function as seat walls in a pinch.

Bear the organization of your entire outdoor living space in mind when deciding what to designate to each level. Complementary outdoor rooms, like the poolside and grill, should be positioned relatively close to one another. Areas designated to quiet relaxation can be tucked away at a good distance from areas used to entertain the masses.

Create a Hidden Gem

A particularly sunken outdoor room can be created and used to conceal your own personal getaway. Nestle a hot tub, meditation garden, or cozy fire pit and armchair on the very lowest level of your landscape. Surround the sunken room with plenty of vegetation to preserve its private atmosphere and foster a sense of relaxation. A quaint pathway comprised of stepping stones or a characterful stone staircase can serve as the perfect transition to your personal slice of paradise—whatever that may be!

Optimize Your View

When deciding which outdoor room should be above or below another, consider the fact that lower levels are on show from above. The most attractive features of your landscape should, therefore, be situated on low levels so that they can be gazed upon and appreciated from up high.

Create a tranquil pond, for example, surrounded by thick vegetation and paired with a quaint wooden deck. This zen getaway will not only serve as the perfect mid-week escape, but will also offer a stunning view to anyone sitting on a higher level. Introduce koi into the pond to add life and energy to the landscape.

Concentrate seating areas and dining tables on higher levels so that you have a comfortable vantage point from which to appreciate the view of your landscape and the world beyond. A pool with a vanishing edge from which to gaze over one’s surroundings can also be positioned on the highest level with the best possible view.


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