January 20, 2019

3 Tips for Using Stepping Stones in your Kings Park, NY, Landscape Design

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Stepping stones can add a personal touch to your Kings Park, NY, landscape design. They would give your backyard a more naturalistic vibe and seemingly effortless landscape drama. From a simple path to a walkway that stands out, Above All Masonry Design can help you create a charming stepping stone feature that steals everyone’s attention.

Make a Statement with the Right Material

Choosing the right material for your stepping stones can make all the difference in your yard. Consider whether you want sandstone, limestone, granite, gravel, or slate for an elegant and luxurious walkway. The color and texture of the stones you use should complement the architecture of your house and serve as an exquisite addition to the rest of your landscape.

If you are looking for a stone that offers color variations, sandstone could be the right choice. Sandstone is available in light gray, soft golden cream, tan, or orange-brown, with occasional bands of speckles of contrasting color embellishing each piece.

Slate offers a unique texture and subtle color palette of magnetic pastel blues and grays, muted reds and beautiful lavenders, and is considered more suitable for landscapes with limited rainfall and mild climates.

On the other hand, granite presents the ultimate strength, durability, and elegance, perfect for a formal stepping stone in various colors, from dark gray, tans, and browns, to honey yellow, orange, green, and red.

Certainly a favorite among homeowners, limestone is one of the best materials for adding a distinctive look to your stepping stone path. If you’re looking to bring out a relaxed, beachy from your stepping stones, we can create a narrow limestone walkway with rectangular shaped stones.

Although natural stone is coveted for its beauty and character, it is not the most affordable option. Luckily, other materials are available that provide the same level of beauty and quality, such as concrete pavers, cobblestone, or brick. Concrete pavers are one of the most requested materials for walkways that enchant with their simplicity. They are suitable for both symmetrical and asymmetrical walkways that impress with their curves or straight lines. Concrete pavers offer versatility and can serve a variety of styles, such as for chic, cottage-inspired, or traditional walkways as well as modern, simple, but elegant garden paths.

Inspire With Color

Stepping stones offer a chance for homeowners to bring out a particular look in their landscape design. If you prefer a more simplistic look that complements the beauty of your house, go for a grass-covered garden path. Irregularly shaped stepping stones that are slightly embedded in the soil and that are not overwhelmed with flowers provide a clean look, which is favorable for cottage-style homes that showcase different textures and colors. A botanical garden path is a perfect option for traditional houses that have a lush garden that they don’t want outshined by the stepping stone path. Choose concrete pavers for a long, curved walkway that captivates with its sleek style and makes a great addition to your modern home.

Prioritize Craftsmanship

You can have a lot of ideas of how you want your stepping stone path to look, but the best way to turn that vision into reality is with landscape design experts. Our team is known for always delivering quality work and impeccable artistry.


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