March 14, 2020

3 Ways to Add Island-Style Touches to an Outdoor Fireplace and Smithtown, NY, Backyard

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Heading to a tropical island getaway might not be on your immediate agenda, but creating that atmosphere in your Smithtown, NY, backyard can be quite doable. Looking for some ideas? Here are some unique ways to add island-style touches to an outdoor fireplace, patio, and backyard area.

How a Vacation Helps You

When the winter blues seem to get you down and summer seems far away, planning a landscape renovation that will bring that tropical feel to your yard can change your outlook. A “vacation” from daily life can help you to relax and unwind, refreshing your outlook on life.

While most of us can’t take a vacation any time we want, we can bring that atmosphere to our own outdoor spaces to bring some of that joy and refreshment we get when away to our everyday lives. Planning out a new landscape and the fun details that can go into your new outdoor fireplace and surrounding areas becomes an enjoyable adventure.

Plan for Nights by the Fire

Planning a tropical look to surround your fire feature can be a great first step to making your yard feel more like a warm-weather getaway. Do you love the furniture that can be found within the outdoor spaces of a tropical paradise? Then, add the intricate tile work to your fireplace and flooring that forms the base of the fire feature. Introduce furniture with bold pillow covers in patterns to make you feel like you are right in the middle of a jungle market. Situate lanterns in groups around the outdoor space to add some romance and ambiance to this space. With one general color scheme carried through in pillows, furniture, and accessories, an outdoor space can certainly feel like a bright, tropical resort.

Pay Attention to Seating

Many times the seating in a tropical spot can be nontraditional such as hanging swings and hammocks for an afternoon snooze. If you have mature trees that can support the hanging swing or hammock, then choose a style and hang it right up. But, even when there are not trees that can accommodate a swing or hammock, there are still ways to bring them into the grassy space near a fireplace with stands and bases.

No matter what type of seating you choose, you could make sure it is the ultimate in comfort by adding plenty of cushions and pillows for the most relaxing time spent outdoors and near the fire.

Plan the Landscape Plantings

Boldly colored flowers and trailing vines can help to make your yard feel like you are on vacation even when you are not. Choose oversized pots in bright, fun colors to fill with palm-like plants, and trailing ivy to adorn the sides of a pergola by your outdoor fireplace.

Turning to the Professionals

Landscape professionals have all of the tools and tricks to transform your Smithtown, NY, outdoor fireplace area into your favorite resort look. Their team is ready to customize your yard into any tropical space that you love most—to design and create the kind of the outdoor space that will become the one you eagerly anticipate coming home to after a long day.


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