November 30, 2018

3 Wonderful Backyard Designs for Smithtown, NY, Waterfront Properties

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Waterfront properties are especially unique because of their gorgeous views and access to water, whether it’s a pond, river, or lake. Their owners are usually very special too, because they want the most out of their property and typically spend a lot of time outside enjoying it. Having the right backyard in Smithtown, NY, can enhance the functionality and value of your waterfront property, and help you to enjoy it even more! Here are three backyard designs for your waterfront property.

Water Designs

People who have waterfront property have chosen to live there because they like spending time in, on, or near the water, which most likely means they also enjoy time relaxing in a pool or hot tub. One breathtaking design is an infinity edge—a feature that gives the illusion of the pool or hot tub continuing out onto the body of water. This makes it feel like your pool or hot tub is part of the larger body of water, giving it an air of luxury and extravagance.

Green Privacy

Adding privacy through canopies of foliage can make your backyard more relaxing and even add value to your home. Consider adding some smaller trees or larger shrubs to the sides of your yard to prevent neighbors and passers-by from spying on your outside-lounging time.

Evergreens like the white fir will stay moderately sized and provide a nice covering from prying eyes. Another idea is the river birch, which grows well near bodies of water. As an added bonus, its root system can provide some ground stability and prevent erosion. Adding just a few trees on the sides of your home can reduce visibility from your neighbors’ vantage points, and won’t decrease how much of the water you see, though it may make your property less visible from the water.

Fire Features

Waterfront properties can be especially drafty at nighttime and during the cooler months, so having a fire feature can add both practicality and aesthetics to your backyard design. A fireplace is probably the safest bet, as the fire is more contained and less susceptible to the wind. Adding one to a paver patio can highlight the area as the center of entertaining. It will also add warmth in that area and preventing your guests from getting too chilly while congregating. Add casual seating walls around the fireplace so guests have somewhere to hang out. Seating walls will also help some of the heat stay in that area, making it more practical as a place to entertain on colder nights.

Adding a water design, green privacy, and a fire feature are three options that you can add to your waterfront property to enhance its functionality and value. You can even add all three of these together, as they all make for an entertaining space that can be used year-round. Trees can reduce some of the wind on chillier nights, making a dip in the infinity hot tub a private and comfortable experience. Follow that up with a warm gathering around the fireplace, and you’ve got a fully enjoyable waterfront property! Contact Above All Masonry Design today for more information about these backyard designs and how you can implement them in your own home.


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