November 21, 2020

4 Backyard Designs That Kids Will Love in Huntington, Long Island NY

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No one knows what your kids love to do better than you do but a landscape specialist can add quite a few ideas for backyard fun to your Huntington, Long Island NY outdoor space. Anyone of these design ideas can make the backyard so much more inviting.


There is almost no age child who does not love a treehouse, that space that is uniquely kid-friendly and private. The treehouse is the place that can encourage creativity, camaraderie, and exploration.

One of the best things about a treehouse can be that it can hug a huge tree in the backyard or it can be freestanding and still serve the same purpose of imaginative play. Your landscape specialist can design a simple treehouse with steps and a wide landing surrounding the tree or a more elaborate house with a door, windows, and electricity. Add a swirly slide for a quick escape and a ropes course to challenge their opponents. A landscaper understands the appropriate additions for each age level to ensure that there is fun to be had for all ages without some features that could be too difficult for the littler ones.


When you have a hill or hills or woods, a zipline can make your kids the most popular on the block. The zipline can be fun for many ages as the height can be adjusted for age. A landscape specialist can create multiple ziplines that feed off of one common platform to end in different areas of the backyard.

Once again, the zipline can be simple with the rider hanging onto the handles to jump off at the end or it can have a harness that can support as much weight as an adult carries. Adding a braking system is optional but a valid safety measure especially for longer ziplines that can travel quickly.

Car Race Course

The little ones in the family will enjoy a Matchbox car race course right in their own backyard! Have your landscaper incorporate tunnels, a village, and some hills within the course to keep things interesting. This can be similar to a permanent train course where there are houses, and a barn, and any other detail that your little kids will love. You can even have a replica of your own house as part of the course. Don’t forget to build a garage to house all of the cars when the play time is over for the day so that they will be handy for the next time they want to race the course.

Kid-sized Garden

If your kids love to dig in the dirt, a kid-sized garden can be both fun and instructional. Have the stone mason build raised stone-sided beds for a permanent space to grow vegetables and fruits in the spring and summer to pumpkins and squash in the fall. The stone beds can help to keep out the weeds as well as to create defined pathways between plants. When they can harvest their own foods and serve them to the rest of the family, they can take all the praise for a delicious meal.

Ultimately, this can become a project the whole family could enjoy together, from selecting what to grow to harvesting the bounty and delighting in eating  healthy, fresh food together.


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