September 4, 2018

4 Beautiful Paver Walkway Designs for Your Melville, NY, Backyard

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When you’re contemplating backyard designs for your Melville, NY, property, you may want to spend some considerable attention on walkways and the materials that will be used. There are a variety of paver options to choose from, making it so you can achieve a customizable look that fits your preferences and vision.

High-quality walkway pavers are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also strong and durable against the elements, and they do an excellent job of fending off the effects of excess heat and moisture. Many paver options also have a great freeze-thaw durability that makes them last through harsh temperature changes. Consider these paver types for your next backyard project.

Natural Stone Pavers

A wide variety of paver styles and options make it possible to create a striking walkway that’s a pleasure to traverse year after year. If you prefer the style of a natural stone paver walkway design, you may want to choose a sandstone or limestone option that comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made with real stone from Europe and Asia. Consider pavers that provide natural beauty with benefits like low water absorption, strength, and great freeze-thaw durability.

Sleek and Modern Pavers

For a sleek and modern look, porcelain pavers could be an excellent option. Porcelain pavers are offered in a variety of different colors that open up the possibilities for a contemporary walkway design. The porcelain can be laid in a square cut, rectangle cut, or a mixture of both depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. This style may be especially ideal for homeowners who are incorporating a matching patio or additional features to their landscape.

Granite pavers are another great choice for a modern walkway design because of their simplistic appearance and ability to withstand any kind of weather. Different styles of granite are available.

Brick Pavers

Brick is a wonderful material to incorporate into the right kind of setting. It can provide both a classic look as well as a modern appearance, depending on the size, color, and style used. Brick pavers are often appreciated with more classic looking homes or landscapes because of their timeless appearance. Brick pavers can also be a great option to use for any kind of border. Consider contrasting another style of paver with a brick paver to create a beautifully outlined walkway design.

Turfstone Pavers

Turfstone is a longtime favorite of many landscape architects for various uses and could offer a unique walkway design appearance. Offering a fully texture look, Turfstone is an excellent choice for erosion and may be ideal if you are looking to support turf in your backyard area.


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