October 3, 2019

4 Fruit Trees to Include in Your Landscape Design in Hauppauge, NY

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If you think that fruit trees are only for producing fruit, think again. While they will bring the opportunity to have fresh fruit in your Hauppauge, NY, yard, they can also serve other purposes for your overall landscape design.

Types of Fruit Trees for Hauppauge Landscapes

Because many fruit trees need a period of cold weather to spur the blooms that produce fruit, the Hauppauge climate can be ideal for apple trees, peach trees, blueberry bushes, and plum trees.

Orchard Style Planting

Do you have faded memories of seeing fruit trees in an orchard when you were young? This can be replicated in your landscape as long as the fruit trees are spaced appropriately to allow for mature growth. If you have the space in your landscape and love the idea of having a small orchard, most experts recommend starting with four to six varieties of fruit trees to make sure to get the most out of the management that they require.

Fruit Trees as a Living Screen

Using fruit trees as a living screen can be a unique way to bring more privacy to your landscape. Planted correctly, these trees can be a habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wild creatures, which can be wonderful for your family to enjoy while watching all of the critters. The fruit trees also provide fruit for you to take advantage of as well as food for the animals, too.

Because many fruit trees don’t grow huge, they can bring a sense of seclusion to your property without making your neighbors feel excluded.

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Fruit Trees with Designs

If you want a fruit tree design that is unusual, consider using them to create an “espalier.” The term refers to the practice of tying the woody portions or branches to horizontal frames, thus creating a trellised look to the fruit trees. This can be done in specific patterns to bring interest to a certain area of the yard. Think of them as a living sculpture that produces fruit.

Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees are miniature versions of the traditional trees and can be especially great for smaller yards where you really want a couple of fruit trees. Because they usually only grow to no more than 10 feet, they don’t take up as much space and will still produce the fruit you want.

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Enlist an Expert

Fruit trees can be finicky, so enlisting a landscape professional who can help you design a plan of trees, as well as recommend types that will be the most successful, can be an excellent start to your fruit tree collection. With their knowledge of creating just the right soil conditions for your fruit trees to flourish, they can help yours be more successful from the beginning.

Your local landscape experts understand that every property is unique and special. They want you to have the Hauppauge, NY, outdoor space that is perfect for your family’s needs and wants, which can include the addition of some favorite fruit trees to the landscape. With their focus on craftsmanship, dedication to perfection, and personalized service, you can be confident that they can recommend the ideal fruit tree varieties for your yard.


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