February 21, 2017

4 Fun Backyard Designs Perfect for Entertaining

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We’re firm believers that a landscape should be enjoyed, both passively as a gorgeous backdrop to your Huntington Station, NY home and actively for fun, entertainment and activities. Whether you aim to keep the kids occupied for the summer vacation or are looking to keep your party guests entertained, these backyard designs are sure to provide opportunity for outdoor enjoyment.

Outdoor home theater

Enjoy clear summer evenings with friends and family in your own outdoor home theater. This can be as simple as a projector and sheet set up on the lawn, or a more permanent feature installed in an enclosed or semi-enclosed patio fitted with a large flat screen TV and comfortable seating. With easy access to an outdoor bar or kitchen, an outdoor home theater can be the perfect place to kick back and catch the game, host a movie night or indulge in a series binge evening complete with snacks and beverages. Whatever your choice of set up, an outdoor home theater is a great way to reintroduce cinema entertainment to the outdoors and experience the thrill and nostalgia of the old school drive-in without leaving the comfort of your home.

Backyard waterpark

For summer kids’ parties and family gatherings, a backyard waterpark is an absolute winner. Transform your pool area into a youngster’s dream summer fun area with a waterslide and splash pool. With the addition of a hot tub or spa and a pool patio, you can ensure adults aren’t excluded from the fun, although there’s no guarantee the grownups won’t want to try out the slide for themselves. The paradise atmosphere can be further enhanced by including an integrated pool waterfall, tropical rock garden and a selection of poolside plantings. Plenty of swimming space can be ensured with one of our large custom or standard pool designs, even if you don’t yet have a swimming pool installed.

Home mini-golf course

Perfect your putt or host family days with your own mini-golf course. Installing your own mini-golf green allows you to customize the course or have it molded to the natural lay of the land to create a unique design that doesn’t detract from the rest of your landscape. Maintenance can be kept to a minimum with hardy artificial turf and aesthetic is ensured with the use of your selection of natural stone or concrete edging. A home mini-golf course is a treat for all ages and is just the thing to take your backyard entertainment to the next level.

Outdoor kitchen and adjoining bar

A classic but nonetheless essential element for outdoor entertaining, an outdoor kitchen and adjoining bar serves as the central point to barbecues, outdoor cocktail parties and casual gatherings. With a fully functional outdoor kitchen, barbecues are made more convenient with less need to depend on indoor kitchens for cutlery, crockery and condiments, while easy accessibility to an indoor kitchen can be aided by good design. An attached wet bar provides ease of cleanup as well as the perfect point for socializing, mixing and serving beverages. With this double function set up, outdoor entertaining couldn’t be easier or more enjoyable.


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