September 14, 2019

4 Infinity Swimming Pool Designs for Your Hauppauge, NY, Backyard

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When choosing a swimming pool style for your Hauppauge, NY, backyard, consider installing an infinity pool. Not only will you be able to relax in the cool water on a hot day, but your swimming pool will look like it simply disappears into the horizon from any view.

What Is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool has a vanishing edge, an edge that is shorter than the rest, from which the water spills over into a catch basin. This makes the swimming pool look like it has no edge on one side and the water just spills over into nature. Designed to play a visual trick on the eye, it makes you think there is no separation between the water and the landscape. When the water disappears over the edge, the catch basin works to pump it back into the main pool.

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An Infinity Pool vs. a Traditional Pool

A traditional pool is typically considered easier to install than an infinity pool because the materials are readily available and the classic pool can be placed in most any landscape, even a small one. Using concrete, fiberglass, tile, and other materials, a classic swimming pool has defined edges and a pool deck on every side.

The infinity pool goes beyond a traditional pool to become a striking focal point of the landscape, blending with the natural terrain to create an illusion of dropping off into nothing. The catch basin and recirculation required for an infinity pool to operate correctly can be more complex than a classic pool. And, the water tends to evaporate quicker than in a traditional pool. That said, an infinity pool is a dramatic addition to the right landscape.

Infinity Pool Designs

This type of swimming pool tends to work best with a terrain that has a drop-off that can accommodate the basic structure of the infinity pool. You could choose to install a round infinity pool that seems to lose part of its circle on one side, making it seem like the circle breaks and begins again.

An infinity pool in the shape of a “T” can work especially well near a lake where it seems like the top of the “T” spills directly into the lake. Another location that is ideal for an infinity pool that loses an entire side is high on a hill where the pool edge seems to drop off into the treetops.

You might even choose a pool that seems to have only one side, with the other tree spilling right over into the grass. This pool appears elevated like a rectangle that magically holds the water.

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You could attach an infinity pool to your outdoor covered patio to provide a spot to get out of the sun when you and your guest are done swimming. Or you might choose to extend your patio directly into the pool, seemingly as if you could walk on the water.

No matter the infinity pool that you choose for your Hauppauge, NY, backyard, you want a masonry design/outdoor living company that understands how you want to use your outdoor space and the aesthetic you desire for your swimming pool. When you can rely on quality artisan craftsmanship and a dedication to perfection, clear collaboration from initial idea to final product, and masonry expertise that exceeds the ordinary, you know you have found the company to bring your vision to reality.


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