October 25, 2020

4 Landscape Design Ideas for a Professional Outdoor Kitchen in Kings Park NY

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When considering what you want in your Kings Park, NY, outdoor professional kitchen, you most likely know you want a grill that cook multiple foods at one time but what about when it is not technically grilling season? These landscape design ideas can serve as a checklist for what to include so that you can enjoy cooking outdoors for more than just the summer season.

Begin at the Bottom

Starting with the flooring surface of your outdoor kitchen might not be glamorous but it will be a difference-maker. Non-slip paving stone that is durable and non-fading can keep your surface looking amazing no matter how many meals you have prepared there. A stone that can withstand the freeze-thaw cycle can be essential to having the smooth, non-warped surface that you want when the spring comes back and you are ready to get outside and cook.

Another plus can be the ease with which a stone can be replaced in the unlikely event there is damage. When your landscape service can replace a stone in a jiffy, this can keep your plans on track.

Consider Placement

Assessing the wind pattern and the sunlight can help you to place the outdoor kitchen in a spot where the smoke won’t blow back into the house or into your guests’ faces as they relax nearby while placing the kitchen in a sunny spot can mean that it is more pleasant on a cool day.

Keeping the kitchen from obstructing the view that you have from the house is also a good idea so be sure to put it to a side where it will not be the only thing you see from the window. It can be handy for the kitchen to be close to where supplies are stored so that you don’t have to traipse back and forth too many times when setting up the food prep and other necessities.

Select Appliances Carefully

By giving careful thought to the appliances that you consistently use in the home kitchen, you can be sure that what you choose for the outdoor kitchen will be worth the investment. Some homeowners want the very best quality in appliances while others would prefer fewer appliances and a few splurges such as a pizza oven or an ice maker or a separate and fully stocked bar. Your professional outdoor kitchen should reflect your personal favorite ways to cook.

Be Sure to Choose Beauty

While you certainly want the right cooking devices, don’t forget to install it within an eye-catching stone wall with durable, gorgeous countertops. A stone masonry and landscape design company can help you select the stone that brings out the best in your landscape and outdoor spaces. Choosing colors, patterns, borders, textures, and overall appearance for the finished project can be daunting but their seasoned team understands and can guide you based on your vision.

Often a homeowner can forget about landscape lighting that allows for later dinners and impromptu pizza parties after dark so be sure to discuss illuminating your outdoor kitchen with a landscape specialist. They can help you design a beautiful and professional outdoor kitchen and built-in BBQ that will perfectly complement your existing Kings Park, NY, landscaping and outdoor living space—from the floor to the roof and everything in between.


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