March 15, 2018

4 Landscape Lighting Ideas for Improving the Safety of Your Huntington Station Front Entrance And Driveway

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Landscape lighting is one of the best – and least extreme – ways of keeping intruders off your Huntington Station, NY, property. Moreover, with the right ideas, you can keep your home secure in a tasteful manner and without being a nuisance to your neighbors.

Mix it up

Having a balance of subtle and bright lights can give you the best combination of lighting for any yard.  Subtle lights should be used liberally with good separation, and can be used to brighten up any dark sections that can be used as potential hiding places by intruders. A combination of path lights and post top lights can serve well in this application. Brighter lights should be used more carefully and closer to the property, keeping possible entrances to your home well-lit. Wall-mounted security lights are built specifically for this purpose, while owners of larger properties can utilize flood lights with variable angle fixtures to control the light dissipation for a good balance.

Make effective use of trees

Trees provide excellent mounting points for lighting solutions. They can offer a wide field of reach without the hassle of installing intrusive poles. Floodlights and area lights, coupled with motion sensors are the optimal choice for this setup, allowing you to mix up security without causing excessive light pollution. Modern LED lights, coupled with photovoltaic panels, are great for this application, as they require minimal maintenance and often come with smart remotes that allow you full control over the lighting.

Perimeter lighting

Proximity lighting along the edge of your property is probably the best method to dissuade potential intruders. However, it is important to be tasteful when coming up with designs for perimeter lighting. Low voltage LED post and pot lights are a great solution should your property have a fence or wall along the periphery, as they can be mounted easily and light up the area without being overly conspicuous. Proximity lighting can also be designed to flow seamlessly into your driveway and walkways, enhancing the aesthetics of your front yard while also keeping it safe. It is also prudent to use motion sensors along the perimeter and integrate them with more powerful security and floodlights closer to your home, ensuring they light up well before anyone can trespass too deep onto your property.

Go solar

Modern LED lights have made the world of solar power accessible to landscape designers, thanks to their high efficiency. All manner of outdoor lights are now offered in solar powered variants, from powerful floodlights to generally low powered path lights. From a security perspective, solar lights offer the advantage of having a battery backup, ensuring that they keep your property well lit even in case of power outages. Moreover, they are less susceptible to tampering and require minimal wiring, making installation remarkably easy. Solar security lights are often coupled with smart motion sensing and even cameras, lighting up only when required, so as to minimize their usage, which spells good news for your electricity bill.

All in all, keeping your front yard well lit with a combination of motion sensors, solar lights, and perimeter lights can keep intruders at bay, while also highlighting your property and adding to its curb value.


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