January 4, 2019

4 Luxurious Landscape Architecture Ideas for Your Plainview, NY, Pool

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Are you dreaming of turning your Plainview, NY, pool into a luxurious backyard retreat? With a few upgrades, this dream can become a reality. Water features, upgraded materials, and good lighting can all work together to elevate the look of your pool. Consider some of these landscape architecture ideas to take your pool from ordinary to outstanding.

Update the Pool Deck

If your pool deck is lackluster (or lacking entirely), replacing it with modern concrete pavers or luxurious natural stone will give your poolscape a whole new look. Expanding the pool deck to include room for lounging and entertaining will increase your outdoor living space and make your pool area more functional.

Concrete pavers are available in a wide range of colors and styles to coordinate with any design style. Some even offer slip-resistant finishes that are ideal for around the pool. Consider adding inset borders to help define pool boundaries and add interest to the pool deck. Talk to your landscape architect about finding a stone that complements the exterior of your home for a cohesive look.

Custom coping gives your pool a polished look while stopping water from getting into the pool structure. It also provides a smooth edge that prevents scratches and scrapes when getting in and out of the pool.

Incorporate Special Features in the Water

Specialty water features such as deck jets, waterfalls, in-water furnishings, or a sun shelf could all add luxury and style to your pool. A sun shelf creates a shallow area for lounging or for children to play safely. In-water lounge chairs and side tables provide an ideal spot to relax with a drink while being able to stay cool in the water.

Deck jets, fountains, and waterfalls are a great ways to create a focal point within a pool. They would also add movement to your landscape and help muffle neighboring noises with the sounds of moving water.

Add a Hot Tub

A hot tub offers soothing relaxation and creates a destination for adults who want to enjoy the pool. Successfully integrating a hot tub into your poolscape requires careful planning to complement your existing landscape architecture. When selecting the location for your spa, your contractor will consider privacy, exposure to the elements, and proximity to your home as well as distance to the pool.

Pairing the hot tub with the pool allows for a gorgeous spillover spa. A cascading sheet of warm water flows into the pool to create a striking focal point. Water falling into the pool also adds ambiance and helps quiet nearby noise, making the hot tub even more relaxing.

A stand-alone hot tub offers more versatility. If you choose to keep the hot tub separate from the pool, you can select a covered location or one closer to the house. Adding shelter to your hot tub will allow you to enjoy your spa in any weather.

Bring in Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit pool area can become a magical escape at night. Ensuring your backyard is safe and hazard-free is the top concern, but professionally installed outdoor lighting can also create a beautiful ambiance. To properly light a poolscape, your landscape architect will use a combination of underwater and landscape lighting. From uplighting surrounding landscape features to creating a beautiful underwater glow, outdoor lighting could be the final touch to elevate your backyard and pool.


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