January 28, 2017

4 Soothing Backyard Water Feature Designs

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Water features are an excellent way to up the ambiance and add character to your landscape. The flowing movement of water invigorates your backyard aesthetic by introducing dynamism, both through the gentle rippling of the surface and cascading rhythm of a waterfall, as well as by offering an inviting pit stop for indigenous birds and wildlife. The soothing sights and sounds of nature offered by a backyard water feature make it well worth the investment, in terms of both improving the atmosphere of your Massapequa, NY outdoor spaces and the positive effect on the psyche.

Front Yard Fountain

Put your best foot forward with a front yard water feature. Not only does a fountain on display increase the curb appeal of your home and attract the attention of passersby, it also benefits the neighbors by contributing to a soothing neighborhood atmosphere. The design possibilities of a front yard fountain range from stylized modern sculpture incorporating water jets to classical designs fit for the plaza of an Italian village. Coupled with a stately natural stone driveway, extravagant front yard plaza or a quaint cobblestone patio, a fountain can be just the thing to help create a welcoming first impression of your home and project an air of classical elegance.

Backyard Stream and Foot Bridge

If your design theme incorporates or can benefit from loose, flowing shapes and meandering lines, introducing a stream that loops and winds around features of your landscape can make an excellent contribution. A stream can be large, stretching from one side of your yard to the other, becoming a defining characteristic of your landscape design, or simply encircle a small detached patio. Either way, coupling a backyard stream feature with a foot bridge is a must, for both accessibility and the enchantment that comes with it. A backyard stream and foot bridge arrangement serve to define and link outdoor spaces and can be tailored to virtually any design theme.

Koi Pond and Waterfall Feature

Keeping koi is both a rewarding hobby and attractive addition to your landscape aesthetic. The slow movement of the fish and vigorous energy of a waterfall combine to create balance and harmony within your outdoor spaces. A waterfall feature is ideal not only for its captivating visual qualities, but also for the dimension of sound that it injects into a landscape. This quality can help reduce noise pollution by cancelling out the sounds of traffic or neighborhood kids and replacing them with natural white noise. A koi pond and accompanying waterfall feature is therefore perfect for creating an outdoor space for reflective solitude, meditation or yoga.

Waterfall Pool Filtration System

If keeping koi is not your cup of tea, you can always integrate a waterfall feature into your pool’s circulation system. The combination of flowing water and natural rock features can transform a pool area into a tropical oasis. The obvious visual benefits, as well as the psychological benefits as mentioned previously, are coupled with the hygienic benefits of additional filtering and aeration for your pool, preventing stagnation, limiting algae formation and reducing the amount of bacteria in the water.


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