February 6, 2017

4 Tips for Country Cottage Backyard Designs

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Your backyard should be a place of tranquility and fun, serving as an escape for you and your family. Nothing amplifies the relaxing atmosphere of a backyard space like the inviting elements of a traditional country estate. Incorporate the following design tips into your Massapequa, NY landscape architecture to bring all the charm of the countryside to the comfort of your doorstep.

1. Create an inviting patio

The true essence of country living lies largely in its appreciation of time spent with friends and family, making it vital that your patio welcomes its guests and makes them feel at home. A large farmhouse dining table can be the ideal centerpiece to your patio, accompanied by small, yet mindful touches such as ornate planters overflowing with delicate flowers. Wicker chairs are a consistent favorite among homeowners looking for a country-style aesthetic, while a pair of rocking chairs topped with comfortable cushions can also contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. For a more subtle country cottage touch, incorporate patterns such as stripes and checkered designs into your outdoor upholstery for a vibrant, wholesome look.

2. Select the right materials

Brick pavers are an excellent candidate when it comes to achieving an effortlessly rustic pathway or patio floor. When paired with a generous amount of free-growing foliage, you can create an incredible natural area that will make its inhabitants feel like they are in the middle of nowhere. Wood is also often used in these designs and adds a special warmth to your landscape definitive of country living. Distressed or whitewashed wood, in particular, is perfect to drive home the organic qualities within your backyard. Natural stone is also a prevalent architectural element of country homes, creating the impression that your hardscape is all-natural and forged by time.

3. Add charming landscape features

A large outdoor fireplace is often all a landscape needs to be flooded in the comfortable warmth of country living. Evenings are made cozier and more intimate with the addition of this inviting landscape feature. Consider incorporating natural stone into your fireplace, matching that stone veneer to your patio floor for a unified hardscape design. A large swimming pool decked out with features such as natural rock waterfalls can also be an excellent focal point for your sun-drenched landscape. A wooden pergola is a warm, charming addition to any country patio – subtly defining it as an outdoor room as well. Veneer the lower half of its pillars with natural stone that complements your patio floor for a cohesive look.

4. Make your spaces appear larger

The ideal location for a country-style patio is often the one with the most natural view. Constructing your patio beside a large stretch of lawn should create the impression that your landscape is larger and helps to create the illusion that your rocking chair is in the isolated depths of the countryside. You might want to create the illusion of a larger patio as well – this can easily be achieved by utilizing large pavers in light shades. Try not to crowd your patio with outdoor furniture as this tends to make it seem smaller. Rethink chopping down any trees that may grace your property and decide to build around them instead, embracing the tranquil effect their sounds and shade will have on your landscape.


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