December 22, 2016

5 Adjustments to Make to your Landscape Lighting this Winter

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Outdoor lighting is essential for function, aesthetic and safety. During winter this is truer than ever. Poor weather and lower light levels mean a heavier reliance on lighting systems. Make sure your Oyster Bay, NY landscape lighting is up to the task of seeing you through the winter by making these adjustments to your outdoor lighting system.

Adjust your timer

Investing in a timer for your outdoor lighting is a great way to save energy. If your lights do run off a timer, however, you may need to make some adjustments to set it to a longer cycle in order to beat the longer nights. In Oyster Bay, NY and surrounding areas, a good winter timer schedule is from 16:00 to 8:00 the following morning. Alternatively, sensors can be installed to detect light levels in order to automatically turn on your outdoor lighting system as soon as it’s needed. This makes for even more efficient energy use and saves you the hassle of having to seasonally switch timer cycles.

Brighter bulbs

Because of the poor weather conditions during winter, many people prefer to switch to brighter bulbs. Switching to brighter bulbs is a good additional safety measure against ice patches and slippery walkways and can also help brighten up a bleak winter. It’s worth noting that higher wattage does not always equal a brighter bulb. What matters is the visible light emitted by the source. This is measured in lumens. Energy saving bulbs can be used, provided they have a high lumens rating. In addition, warmer lighting can be used to create a cozier, warmer looking outdoor environment.

Color changes

Adding colored lighting can be a great way to create a festive atmosphere over the holidays, or simply contribute to an interesting new look for your landscape. Warm colors like red and orange can be used in festivity displays, and create visual warmth. Green spotlighting can be used to highlight the color of evergreen trees, and blue lighting can be used to complement the winter atmosphere, lighting up iced over ponds and snow covered fir trees as focal points.

More efficient solar panels

If your landscape is equipped with solar lighting, you may find that it becomes less effective during winter, particularly if it is old or outdated. The lower light levels and longer running times can drastically reduce their effectiveness. With solar technology advancing rapidly, it’s a worthwhile investment to have your solar lighting updated to take advantage of better, more efficient systems. More efficient conversion of sunlight as well as better battery storage counter these snags and allow for solar powered outdoor lighting through the winter.

Winter service

As with many other home appliances, regular services can extend the life and increase the efficiency of your outdoor lighting, while preventing further damage through early intervention. The harsher weather and freezing temperatures during winter can play havoc with outdoor electronics. It’s worthwhile to have your outdoor lighting system checked and serviced to make sure exposed wiring, misaligned fittings, damaged bulbs and moisture damage is prevented or caught early enough to avoid hazard. 


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