February 14, 2017

5 Design Styles for your Outdoor Kitchen

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Before diving headfirst into creating an outdoor kitchen area, it may help in the selection of materials and appliances to first decide on a design style for your new addition. Naturally the style of the rest of your Hicksville, NY home should be taken into account, but if you’re looking for something a little different, the following will help you decide on a specific look to go for.

Beach style

A beach style outdoor kitchen is easy enough to achieve and can be an excellent accompaniment to a nearby pool area. Sandstone or limestone make excellent options for paving and veneer materials in this style, providing the aesthetic of the golden brown of sea sand. Light brown lumber countertops and cabinets are a compatible option here, as is a wooden pergola or thatched gazebo to protect the chef from the midday sun while flipping burgers.


Introduce the sleek, clean modern look into your outdoor kitchen with brushed steel or black outdoor appliances and furniture. The straight clean lines of decking, lumber roof covering or walls, as well as the hard edges of polished natural stone are also qualities that enhance the design of a modern outdoor kitchen. Granite countertops contribute to both the aesthetic and functionality of any outdoor living area and are particularly useful for maintaining hygienic practices while cooking in the open air.


Irregular flagstone pavers provide the perfect rustic base for a cottage style outdoor kitchen. Vintage appliances are always a plus, but the style works just as well with discreet modern conveniences. Distressed or salt washed furniture is typical, but because of the eclectic nature of the style and its endless variations, the style offers much more freedom of choice. For example, light stained lumber kitchen countertops can be effective, but so can polished natural stone and even stainless steel if coupled with more vintage fittings.


The industrial theme couples aged building materials with new fittings – the rich natural colors of brick, wood and natural stone with cold steel and black metal wrought iron. As such, an industrial themed outdoor kitchen is effective in introducing a variety of contrasts to your outdoor spaces. Modern appliances provide convenience while distressed wood and solid wrought iron structures give an industrial outdoor kitchen character and a functional yet inviting visual appeal.


While the adobe style is especially popular in hotter, drier territories, particularly in New Mexico, the style has found its place here amongst Long Island’s culturally diverse inhabitants. Originally, it was brought to the Americas by the Spanish who in turn borrowed it from Arabic and Egyptian architectural methods. As an adornment to an outdoor area, an adobe style outdoor kitchen might include a clay plastered pizza oven, roughcast retaining walls or bar counters, or a dome shaped outdoor fireplace typical of the style. The building style can also be coupled with the more traditional features of Long Island homes. The typical terracotta coloring, for example, can be traded for white and the rounded edges can be sharpened with natural stone borders or more stylized sharp edged curves.


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