January 9, 2017

5 Backyard Designs for a Beachy Touch

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If you’re looking to add a little more beach to your landscape this year, these ideas are aimed at helping you incorporate the summery feel of a beach theme. A beachy style is not only great for creating a warm, relaxing outdoor mood, but is also a quick and easy way to turn your Hicksville, NY backyard into your own paradise island.

Sandstone Patio

A sandstone patio can be used to mimic the color and texture of sea sand. The cool turquoise blue of a pool is the perfect complement to golden sandstone surrounds, creating the typical seaside coloring of sand and surf. The sand-sized grain of sandstone makes for a non-slip surface that is pleasantly coarse under bare feet, allowing you both comfort and peace of mind beside the pool. Because of its golden, earthy coloring, sandstone has the additional benefit of remaining relatively cool to the touch – perfect for tanning and poolside lounging.

Limestone Veneer

Like sandstone, limestone veneer is an excellent complement to a beachy theme. The white, gold and light brown colors of limestone contribute to a golden, seaside aesthetic. This is further enhanced by the gentle gradations of limestone’s coloring – concentric patterning and veins that that mimic the patterns in sand created by the wind. Limestone has a finer grain than sandstone and makes an excellent silky textured veneer for vertical landscape elements. Retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, feature walls and pillars are all great opportunities to exhibit the luxurious qualities of limestone veneer and add a touch of sandy gold.

Happy Hour Beach Bar

There’s no better way to entertain than with your very own outdoor bar. A combination of lumber and natural stone can create a rustic leisure and entertainment area fit for an island retreat. For additional atmosphere and sun protection, a shade cloth or permanent covering can be set up overhead. Serve up some refreshing sundowner cocktails or prepare your favorite mix to enjoy by the poolside – with your own happy hour beach bar, you call (and pour) the shots.

Oasis Water Feature

To transform your landscape into a tropical paradise, a waterfall feature is an absolute must have. Utilizing natural rock will result in an authentic water feature that might have formed over centuries. Installing your waterfall on the edge of a clear, curved pool will create the desired tropical aesthetic, which can be enhanced by poolside plants with large, wide leaves. An angled stretch of natural rock can create a captivating makeshift stream leading up to the waterfall, which is not only a fun pool feature but will also ensure the circulation of water in your pool. A minimalist waterfall can contribute to a resort-like atmosphere, consisting solely of a sheet of running water which guests can swim underneath.

Beach Style Plantings

Palm trees are synonymous with a beach theme, however they aren’t the only plant that offers a beachy air. Creeping ground cover, reeds, long grasses and certain flowers can be used to achieve a more subtle aesthetic. Flowers with fine leaves and white, yellow, or orange flowers are ideal. The calliopsis is a perfect example of such a flower with small, brilliant yellow or white flowers and a fine texture. The common daisy is another excellent flower for achieving a beachy touch.


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