October 7, 2016

5 Ideas to Help You Get More Cozy At Your Long Island Outdoor Fireplace

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With winter just around the corner and the weather getting progressively chillier, it’s time to start getting serious about outdoor warmth and comfort! Rather than letting the colder weather keep you indoors, here are five ways you can chill-proof your outdoor fireplace or fire pit and get extra cozy this winter at your Long Island home.

Cushions and Blankets

Keeping an abundance of extra cushions and blankets on hand is a great idea for both warmth and comfort. Cushions are an especially good idea if your outdoor seating consists of wooden benches or is built into your concrete retaining walls. Even if your outdoor fireplace area is decked with lavish outdoor couches, a few extra cushions for clinging to and blankets to throw over the shoulders won’t go amiss. If you’re lacking the necessary storage, consider investing in some storage benches or a storage chest that will double as a table for your outdoor space. 

Outdoor Sofas

There’s no reason your outdoor seating can’t be as lavish and comfortable as its indoor counterpart. Outdoor sofas are built to withstand any kind of weather and are equipped with cushions that are water resistant and quick drying, so no need to bring them in when they’re not in use. Who could argue the fact that a comfortable sofa with a blazing fire is the perfect place to share a bottle of wine or snuggle up against the cold? Then again, why stop at one when a suite can provide the ultimate comfort for your family or group of guests when enjoying a nighttime fireside?

Extra heating

An outdoor gas heater can provide a good supplement to the heat of your fireplace or fire pit, particularly when entertaining large groups of guests. In order to avoid having one poor unhappy soul left out in the cold, an outdoor gas heater provides an evenly distributed ambient heat. The heat of a gas heater is also adjustable so you’re sure to always provide just enough warmth for everyone. Whether you’re waiting for the fire to get going, preheating the area for your guests, or maintaining an even heat profile, an outdoor gas heater is a great way to make your outdoor fireplace even cozier this winter.


To seal in the warmth or block the wind, hanging, retractable, or freestanding screens are an ideal solution and a handy addition to your outdoor entertainment set up. Not only will they make your fireplace area warmer and cozier, they’ll also provide additional privacy and create a more intimate atmosphere. A reliable screening system may well be the difference between an outdoor area that is abandoned during winter and one that is enjoyed almost as much as during the warmer months.


In conjunction with screens, a permanent or semi-permanent covering is also a great way of sealing in warmth, blocking out the winter wind and providing additional privacy. A solid roof covering is ideal, particularly during winter. In addition, solid covering will keep the snow off your patio and protect your patio furniture. During summer, however, many homeowners prefer the openness of more permeable pergola-like covering to fully appreciate the outdoors. So a great compromise can be a covered pergola.

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