May 20, 2018

5 Important Landscape Architecture Trends for Homeowners in Hicksville, NY

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More and more, architecture trends are reflecting the homeowner’s desire to spend more time outdoors. Landscapes in Hicksville, NY, with greater and greater frequency, are being designed to be functional spaces and extensions of the home’s interior. Here are five of the most important landscape architecture trends that will ensure that you are getting the most out of your yard and the summer season outdoors.

Fire Features

People are naturally drawn to the warmth and light of fire. Gathering around an outdoor fireplace, fire pit or custom-built fire table is hard to resist. This is why incorporating a backyard fire feature is becoming so wildly popular. Not only does it provide warmth on those cooler summer nights, but it also gives you a reason to get outdoors during the colder months. Fire features made of brick, stone, or concrete, are permanent fixtures and can help to add a sense of permanence to the space. Fireplaces are frequently being incorporated into outdoor kitchen and dining areas. Your landscape architect will help you to strategically place your outdoor fireplace or fire pit in order to invite community and to ensure it gets the use that it deserves. Your Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living specialist will also help you to blend your fire pit or fireplace seamlessly with your already established yard, and even make the fireplace or fire pit a central feature.

An Outdoor Lighting Plan

Outdoor lighting makes a property unique, usable, and complete. An Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living specialist will be able to integrate outdoor lighting into your already established landscape in order to make your yard both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Outdoor lighting can be used not only to keep your property safe, but it can also be used to highlight specific focal points in your yard. Lighting can really make a yard more interesting, romantic, and cohesive, by bringing attention to specific areas. Typically, landscape lighting is designed by first lining the perimeter to mark the boundaries of the property, then developing walkways and paths, and lastly, your landscape designer will light stairs and specific focal points, as well as add ambient lighting for outdoor living areas.

Outdoor Seating and Dining Areas

There is more to outdoor seating and dining than putting a few pieces of lawn furniture in the yard. Your landscape architect will divide your yard into specific usable spaces that will facilitate foot traffic and invite community. By creating or utilizing various hardscape features, like separating an outdoor kitchen or living room with low walls, an Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living specialist can seamlessly tie these separate spaces together for a cohesive and functional yard. Your landscape specialist can also help you to choose and place outdoor furniture that will complement the existing features of your house and landscape while inviting use.

Outdoor Acoustics

An outdoor audio system is essential for entertaining, and a great way to enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard. There are many high-quality audio systems that are especially designed for outdoor use. This audio equipment should not only look good, but with the guidance of a professional, should ensure that you get the best outdoor sound available. Outdoor audio equipment can be designed to look like rocks, or to be mounted on structures or trees. An outdoor audio-system professional will divide your yard into zones and figure out the best way to get the right sound quality without disturbing the neighbors or only creating localized pockets of sound.


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