December 16, 2018

5 Sleek and Stylish Swimming Pool Designs to Consider for Your Melville, NY, Home

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If you’re Melville, NY, homeowner contemplating a swimming pool, chances are you’re wondering how you can make sure it’ll be stylish and fit in with the rest of your landscape design. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of design options to choose from for your pool project. From sleek and modern infinity pools to private waterparks and Mediterranean-style masterpieces, here is a list of beautiful, swimming pool designs to inspire you.

Infinity Pool

Glitzy hotels in exotic locations shouldn’t necessarily be the only places to enjoy the luxury of an infinity pool. If your property includes a beautiful hillside, make the most out of its breathtaking views with an oval-shaped infinity pool. The luxurious touch blended with the serenity of the design makes infinity pools one of the best ways to blur the line between man-made and natural. Regardless of the swimming pool design and style of your landscape, the Above All Masonry Design team can turn your backyard into a peaceful oasis. We know what it takes to turn your pool area into an authentic place that will easily become your favorite spot.

Family Fun Pool

A pool area can be fun and elegant at the same time. A tropical-like pool area that presents a sophisticated design and appeals to all ages is the ultimate backyard. The pool area can feature a couple of waterfalls, stones, and magnetic elements that make the pool the ideal summer playground. A family fun swimming pool design can serve as your private waterpark.

True Mediterranean Pool Design

A true Mediterranean pool design brings authenticity to the outdoor area. You don’t have to live in a warm climate—or on the Mediterranean Sea—to create a poolscape in this popular style. This type of pool design offers cheerful colors that are pleasing to the eye and a stylish design that also captures the essence of a traditional Mediterranean home. The essential Mediterranean design characteristics include colorful tiles in vivid, natural colors. The textures presented around the poolscape include rustic wood and European cobblestone textures. Ornamental grasses, lavenders, or vines are common elements in Mediterranean design—as well as details such as fountains, fruit trees, and low walls that allow you to get lost in endless views.

Modern Simplicity

Although infinity pools offer a pretty sophisticated, modern design, there are various types of modern pools that deserve their separate spot on the list. Modern swimming pool designs are characterized by simple tile patterns, different shades of gray, and minimalistic pool surrounding. Modern pool designs provide a relaxed and classy look, creating a simple place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Modern pools also offer the freedom to customize and create a piece of art that is going to make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. To make things even more interesting, consider building your pool in a beautiful L-shape and accentuating its shape with bright lighting.

Classic Pool Design

Sometimes, a stunning, manicured garden that surrounds a classic rectangular pool design is everything your home needs. Go traditional by incorporating some rural touches, but try to make the pool the most prominent accent of the backyard. Traditional design includes pillars, stone, and fountains, as well as symmetrical containers of flowers, clipped hedges, and bold geometric shapes, all arranged in a formal setting. This warm-weather escape can be a spacious, mid-century modern element that enhances the architecture of the home and the environment while taking advantage of the natural landscape.


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