November 30, 2016

5 Stunning Long Island Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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Even though winter is here and summer is still a long way away, to enjoy your own pool next year, you can’t start planning soon enough. Here are some design ideas to ignite your imagination and help you picture the refreshing backyard lagoon you and your family could be enjoying in the new year.

Lagoon style pool with rock feature and flagstone surrounds

Own your tropical paradise with this summertime favorite. The gentle curves of a freeform pool design give the lagoon style pool the look of a natural oasis. Contributing to this as well, is the natural irregularity and rich, rustic colors of the flagstone surrounds, repeated in the adjacent rock arrangement. While beautiful on its own, a poolside rock arrangement can also be fitted with a waterfall feature that feeds into the pool and contributes to water filtration and aeration, as well as the general paradise ambiance of your pool area.

Geometric design with granite surrounds

With a more modern look, the right angles and straight clean lines of a geometric design are accentuated by the masculine color and rugged texture of granite slabs surrounding the pool. This design is enhanced further with the addition of complementary landscape lighting, illuminating the striking angles of the matching modern landscape features. Granite provides a strong and reliable material for pool surrounds, with the added advantage of being non-slip and, of course, naturally attractive with its speckled finish.

Grecian design with amphitheater-style permanent seating

Gold sandstone surrounds give this classic Grecian-shaped pool an unmistakable Mediterranean feel. This is further emphasized by the permanent amphitheater-style seating with matching sandstone capping. A unique feature of this design is the combination of curves and straight lines, with the seating echoing the half-moon shapes of the pool’s outline and concentric semi-circular steps. The length of this pool design is perfect for swimming laps, while the side wings provide enough space for plenty of submerged seating space for pool party guests.

L-shaped pool with poolside patio and pergola

The bend of an L-shape pool provides the perfect place for a poolside patio where spectators and sunbathers can be a part of the action. And what would a pool patio be without a pergola to provide shade and aesthetic? The shape of the pool and pergola fit perfectly together, allowing for a satisfying and tidy design. Of course, a little extra character can always be added with an integrated pool waterfall or a water-slide for the kids.

Long Island Infinity Pool

Make the best of a great view or seaside panorama with an infinity pool. So called because the surface of your pool seems to blend into the sky or sea beyond, an infinity pool is the ultimate luxury pool. Whether this is a simple single open edge, or a glass-sided gem, an infinity pool blurs the boundary between pool and environment. If your backyard is already sloping or multi-leveled, an infinity pool can help you take advantage of this. The infinity edge can even form part of a decorative feature when viewed from a lower level of your yard.


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