March 8, 2017

5 Stunning Outdoor Fireplace Styles

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Whatever the style of your home, an outdoor fireplace can be designed to enhance the architectural elements of your house and landscape. Here are some stunning outdoor fireplace ideas sure to add comfort, elegance and quality workmanship to your Hauppauge, NY outdoor spaces.

Traditional – Natural Stone

Perfect for homes with traditional or suburban architecture, a natural stone outdoor fireplace is a welcoming addition to any backyard patio. Natural stone in its many varieties is an ideal material for creating an unassuming but attractive center point that radiates warmth, both literally and in terms of visual appeal. The natural stone can be carefully selected to match your home’s color scheme and existing hardscaped areas, while providing variation of shape and texture. Regular blocks can be used for an orderly, formal appearance while stacked slate or rough hewn sandstone creates a more earthy, naturalistic impression.

Rustic – Flagstone

A rustic fireplace constructed with the use of irregular flagstone slabs as a veneer takes the earthy appeal of a traditional outdoor fireplace a step further. This sort of aesthetic is ideal for eliciting the atmosphere of a quaint hunting lodge, country home or log cabin. The natural gradients of color in each individual slab of flagstone, along with its rough texture and organic outline, give a rustic flagstone fireplace an aura of comfort and unrefined beauty. The variety of color presented by a flagstone fireplace creates a visually interesting focal point whether or not it houses a fire.

Old World – Boulder

A boulder fireplace has an ancient, old world charm that is a perfect accompaniment to bohemian or country styles and can transform a heavily treed yard into something right out of the pages of a fairytale. Boulder outdoor fireplaces straddle the line between functional feature and outdoor art. The large stones used in its creation can blend seamlessly into the natural rock features in the surrounding environment or extend from a boulder retaining wall to create a cosy nook.

Modern – Granite

Polished granite has become synonymous with modern design due to the functionality of the material and clean, minimalist appearance. The clean lines of granite’s sheer edges lend itself well to a modern fireplace design and the speckled grain provides a subtle texture that provides visual interest while remaining understated. Granite’s range of colors are a suitable match to most color schemes, with black or dark gray being perfect for a strong, masculine design and lighter colors contributing to a clean, less weighty look. A matte, honed finish can also complement the design of a modern fireplace and provide a slightly warmer appearance.

Industrial – Brick and Iron

For an outdoor fireplace with an industrial spin, brick and wrought iron is a classic combination with a surprising amount of visual warmth and character. The wrought iron can be introduced either in the form of decorative guards and fittings, or in forming the smokestack of the fireplace itself. The contrast created by the color and texture of the brick and iron, as well as the juxtaposition of modern and timeworn features, makes for a bold, characterful look.


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