November 6, 2016

5 Styles for Hauppauge NY Area Backyard Designs

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If you’re in search of some ideas for your new patio or backyard design, look no further. Here are five popular styles that are sure to match the look you’re going for and help you get the best out of your Hauppauge, NY backyard, patio and home architecture.


Perhaps the most prevalent architectural and decorative style of the 21st century, modern design emphasizes beauty through simplicity, relying on the boldness of shape, clean lines and richness of material for decorative effect rather than the use of flamboyant accessories. A modern backyard often incorporates contrasts in the texture and color of materials such as timber and stone. Spaces are geometrically denoted and furniture is both comfortable and functional with a tendency towards simple, square and rectangular features with occasional fluid curves as a counterpoint. Soft, clean landscape lighting is also a feature often associated with modern landscapes.


If you can imagine a restaurant or home remodeled from an old warehouse or factory, you’ll have a good idea of the industrial style. The industrial style utilizes worn materials such as wood, bare brick, iron and steel in conjunction with new fittings and furnishings. Steel girders are often used as support beams along with bare light fixtures and cast iron details. There is a tendency towards the geometry of the modern style, but with the emphasis on rugged authenticity rather than clean functionality and simplicity. An industrial backyard design can be visually warm and comfortable while at the same time possessing a lofty openness.


On the other side of the scale is the carefree and decadent bohemian style. Bright colors and intricate, characterful designs grace bohemian style patios with an emphasis on comfort and personal preference over strict rules of design. The bohemian landscape is one of cultivated abandon with plantings emphasizing color, naturalistic textures and randomness. Features often include mismatched furniture, pillows for seating and hand woven rugs. Unlike more traditional retro styles, the bohemian aesthetic often borrows features from an array of exotic sources, incorporating souvenirs collected during travels as decorative features.


Shabby Chic

Commonly associated with a revival of 1950s Americana, shabby chic is an elegant and feminine decorative style that makes use of distressed and timeworn pieces to transmit character, unassuming charm and a hint of nostalgia. Common colors include pastels and faded hues of blue, pink, lilac, cream and occasional hints of green. Shabby chic backyards feature whitewashed brick and stonewashed wood with vintage furniture and lively, finely textured flowerbeds and blossoming plantings.


If shabby chic is a style with gentle feminine undertones, the rustic style is its masculine counterpart. While reclaimed furnishings are still common in this style, as are homemade and trusted timeworn favorites, the rustic style places emphasis on the rich, down-to-earth character of wood, leather and stone. Country life is at the soul of this style, even when refined and implemented in an urban setting. Rustic backyards feature natural stone patios with flagstone being a noticeable favorite. Coverings and structures are often built from reclaimed lumber, while stonework and old farm or industrial equipment are common outdoor decorative features. While no specific plantings are associated with this theme, there is a tendency towards large trees and a more relaxed gardening style.



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