March 25, 2017

5 Tips for Perfect Backyard Designs

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When it comes to your Bethpage, NY outdoor spaces, subtlety and elegance are key to achieving a design that embraces natural elements and provides a restful and soothing environment. Here we’ll take a look at some of the things that can ensure a balance of aesthetic and functionality, while still maintaining a rich and comfortable atmosphere.

Subtle and elegant hardscaping

Patios and outdoor leisure rooms are extensions of the home, while walkways and driveways both protect and enhance natural elements. They connect areas, create flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and provide comfort while outdoors. Quality building materials, such as natural stone and concrete pavers can ensure a design that remains subtle in its coloring and rich in texture. Using plantings on the edges or incorporating raised planting beds into the hardscaping can soften the appearance of paved areas and help them blend seamlessly into the rest of the landscape.

Stunning water features

With such a variety of available water features, there’s a lot to choose from. An integrated natural rock waterfall feature works perfectly to transform a pool into an oasis-like setting, alternatively more formal features can feed into a pool to create aesthetic and auditory ambience. A simple pond or elaborate waterway can be a great place for keeping koi and adding life to a backyard, while fountains can introduce the sound of cascading water and contribute to a home’s design theme.

Functional outdoor spaces

Without function to draw guests and family members, even the most picturesque outdoor spaces are likely to remain empty. To counter this, different uses can be assigned to each area. An outdoor kitchen, for example, serves as a place for both socializing and preparing meals. A fire pit area provides a place for people to gather in the warmth of a fire, whereas an empty space is likely to be glossed over in favor of an area that supplies comfortable seating and entertainment.

Shade and shelter

Part of providing comfort for the users of your backyard includes ample shade and protection from bad weather. This can include building permanent roofing over certain patio areas, ensuring that your yard has a number of large trees or erecting a simple pergola to keep the afternoon sun out of the eyes of people lounging near the pool. People will be naturally drawn to these areas when the sun is out in full force or during light drizzle, so be sure to provide plenty of comfortable seating. Additional warmth for enclosed patios may also be necessary to keep the backyard entertainment going. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can offer the perfect solution to this.

Quality workmanship and professional design knowledge

In actualizing the vision you have for your home’s outdoor spaces, there really is no substitute for quality workmanship and professional advice when putting together a design. At Above All Masonry, we use our experience in the field to help homeowners develop original, fully functional and elegant landscapes that fulfill their unique requirements. From flawless stone work to a vast knowledge of plantings, our expertise is at your disposal.


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