December 8, 2016

5 Top Backyard Designs for Large Plots

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Large plots can hold magnificent curb appeal and establish privacy but are often rather monotonous and uninteresting with a large expanse of grass that is difficult to maintain. This can be avoided by adopting a few design techniques that create a unique, captivating space regardless of its size. Before contemplating the design of your Smithtown, NY backyard, decide on its purpose as the structure and artistic flair needed for an entertainment area and relaxing retreat can differ.

Multiple detached patios connected by walkways

One large expanse of patio stone can strip your backyard of its character, and although large patios can be customized using borders and raised platforms, the impact is not always absolute. Incorporating nature usually becomes an afterthought, rather than a key design element. Multiple smaller patios are practical as each patio serves an outdoor room with a different purpose. These small patios hold more personality as well as they can be tailored to suit their specific functions. The walkways connecting these personalized patios integrate your surrounding garden as focal points and can even be made wide enough to accommodate benches.

Geometric divisions

Your garden, patio and outdoor furniture can be placed in concise geometric patterns which are timeless, orderly and contrast superbly against a natural backdrop. The elegant straight lines defining platforms and low walls often result in less wasted space and an uncomplicated furniture arrangement, making a geometric backyard ideal for entertaining a large number of guests. Geometric structures are perceived as modern and exist well with contemporary materials and decor.

Flowing lines and organic shapes

Patios and gardens constructed in irregular, creative shapes are beautiful when viewed both up close and from the curb. These spaces are intriguing and can be adorned with an array of natural features such as plant beds, ponds and waterfalls that accentuate the softness of your landscape design. Suspending a garden hammock and a few hanging lanterns from a tree can add charm to your outdoor oasis and although these areas are often preferred for meditation and quiet relaxation, they are by no means limited to those functions.


Terracing refers to the formation of numerous leveled areas resembling a series of steps. This approach to a large, flat backyard adds variation by incorporating different dimensions. Comfortable seating around a fire pit can create an intimate conversation spot on a wooden terrace overlooking the rest of your backyard. Not to be underestimated as a design feature are retaining walls, which, whether veneered with natural stone or painted a bold color to match your patio accents, can be a focal point all on their own.

Large features

The installation of large focal features is an excellent way to fill bare spaces in your backyard. Fountains, sculptures and elaborate garden arrangements represent a few of the numerous features that have the potential to draw attention. Your patio stone can be customized to highlight these: for example, embellishing a fountain with distinct stones or laying a geometrical pattern of bold stones within different muted patio pavers to create an outdoor rug upon which a sculpture can rest.


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