December 18, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Design Appear More Spacious in Kings Park

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Small homes are all the rage in the modern age, saving money and often leading to a simpler, yet equally satisfying lifestyle. However, we often escape to the outdoors to feel free, which is when a lack of space can begin to present problems. Here are five clever tricks that make landscapes look and feel bigger. Although each feature has a subtle effect, when combined, the following techniques can make your Kings Park, NY, backyard feel noticeably more spacious.

Organize the space

Organizing and creating clear separation between your different outdoor rooms will help to make your landscape look and feel more spacious. Having ill-defined rooms that overlap can make the space seem cluttered. Consider creating purposeful perimeters around areas that serve different functions, like dining and relaxing. Low walls are excellent candidates for outlining outdoor rooms, as they are multi-purpose structures that can also serve as additional seating or storage space.

Terracing can also be used to designate space to separate rooms and make a landscape appear larger. A dining room can be elevated, for example, while a relaxing fire pit can be sunken to enhance its intimate ambience. Levels clearly define different parts of a landscape without the need for low walls, or any other barriers that occupy space.

Make the most of your side yard

Side yards are often neglected and left to house garbage cans. However, these additional square feet are precious when your backyard space is limited. A side yard can be used to house a herb or vegetable garden, or a small bistro table from which to enjoy an outdoor breakfast. Any small luxury that your backyard simply can’t accommodate can be incorporated into the side yard, fusing this small strip of land with the rest of your landscape.

Grow your landscape in the vertical dimension

If you’ve covered every inch of your backyard and have nowhere left to build or plant, you may want to consider looking to vertical surfaces for solutions. While your fence may confine you to a certain amount of land, the amount of space you have to work with in the vertical dimension is virtually limitless. Consider creating a vertical garden filled with flowers, herbs, or vegetable. This will add interest to your landscape and save all the space those plants would have occupied in your regular landscape.

You can also construct hardscape features, like pergolas and arbors, that create the illusion of spaciousness by drawing one’s attention upwards to where there is less clutter.

Make your backyard a worthwhile destination

A tiny backyard lacks the space to contain useless hardscape elements or an overwhelming number of plants. Consider including a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or similar feature that will keep visitors entertained for long periods of time. This will allow you to make the most of the outdoor space you possess and give you reason to visit it frequently.

Resist setting up a fence

While a sense of privacy can often contribute to a pleasant outdoor experience, large walls and fences only make the enclosed landscape appear smaller. These structures highlight how crowded the perimeters of the landscape are and how little available space there is. When your view of the world beyond is unobstructed, it can all appear to be part of your own landscape, making the space feel a lot larger.


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