September 29, 2018

5 Ways to Refresh Your Interior Masonry Fireplace in Massapequa, NY

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If you feel like your Massapequa, NY, fireplace could use a facelift, you are probably right. Once you start noticing something around your home needs to be modernized, it’s time to consider your options for an interior masonry makeover.

Whether you are contemplating some minor touches or a full renovation, your remodeled fireplace could transform its entire room. Read on for some inspirational ideas for refreshing your fireplace.

The Beauty of the Mantel

Close your eyes and picture your fireplace. Can you even picture the mantle? Is it distinctive from the fireplace, or does it disappear? Would a contrasting color for your mantle make your fireplace more of a standout piece of your home? Or has it begun to show some wear and tear, which take away from the beautiful arrangement of possessions you place on top of it?

The mantel gives a fireplace character, and it has the power to give your living room an entirely new look and feel when it gets special attention. The Above All team could provide you with a custom-made mantel that complements the overall style you’ve created for this special room of your house.

Spruce Up the Hearth

The hearth of the fireplace may get hidden when you’ve got a roaring fire stealing the show in your living space, but it’s also where the eyes are drawn when nothing is lit. This is the one area in particular that may need some sprucing up or a complete redo. A variety of masonry products, such as concrete tiles, brick, and natural stone, that can stand the heat should be part of your consideration.

Don’t Forget the Surround

Two popular materials used for fireplace surround renovations are tile and stone veneer. There are a lot of things involved in the process of choosing the right style and color of tile or stone veneer and ensuring its correct installation. If you have a 1960s brick fireplace that is begging for an upgrade but you have no idea where to start, interior masonry experts can go over your options.

To Embrace It or Repaint It?

Beautiful brick fireplaces are reminiscent of the traditional, cozy home features that may or may not reflect your taste and room decor. Turn your brick fireplace from an eyesore to a desirable architecture feature with a freshly painted color, a new mantel, or an eye-catching tile. By laying the tile in a chic, herringbone pattern and adding a nice finish, our team can easily bring a refreshing graphic element to the fireplace and unlock the brick work’s hidden potential. And while exposed brick gives an original, distressed look, refreshing the inside of the fireplace with some cool hues that add contrast to the rest of the decor could add a modern, vibrant touch.

Add Fireplace Doors

For a little something extra, add fireplace doors. A fireplace door could offer the sophisticated upgrade you have in mind, along with other masonry work you’ve been meaning to get done.


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