August 22, 2016

6 Ways To Add Color To Your Long Island Backyard Design

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Want to bring more life to your Long Island backyard? A little color can go a long way toward breathing fresh air into your outdoor spaces, plant beds, and everywhere in between. Use these six ways to add color to your backyard design to instantly transform your landscape.

1. Plant For Color

Animate your backyard design the traditional way with flowering plants and blossoming trees. Visit your local nursery and choose colorful annuals which immediately capture your attention. Annuals allow you to experiment with different varieties and combinations from year-to-year, so don’t be afraid to go for vibrant varieties in multiple hues. Break up uniformly colored plant beds, direct the eye toward an entranceway, or brighten a mundane retaining wall with multicolored annuals. Popular choices include snapdragons, impatiens, and begonias. And if all these bright colors are too much for you, greenery could be enough, especially some bordering a privacy fence.

2. Potted Details

Just as flowering plants add color to your backyard design, so do the containers you put them in. Create delightful contrast on your landscape with bursts of magenta, purple, and blue in the form of portable pots. Get creative with combinations of lush, deep green foliage and dynamic shades of red or orange to serve as playful focal points throughout your backyard. Planters are also a smart way to add color to shady areas where existing plants don’t or cannot offer enough vibrancy  – and for fall!

3. Furniture Accents

Improve your backyard design style and function with the addition of colorful outdoor furniture. Insert cheerfully-toned lawn chairs and tables into your landscape. Or, integrate brightly colored cushions and accents into existing furniture to enliven your outdoor spaces. Outdoor rugs, side tables, and bar carts all count in this category for your patio, so let your artistry take the lead.

4. Paint A Wall

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Choose an eye-catching hue for an exterior wall that works well with the surrounding plant life. Introducing a fresh, structured visual is a perfect way to add color to your backyard design, lending drama to an otherwise boring area. Go bold with a two-toned wall, balancing out the look with sprightly ornamental grasses nested against its base.

5. Design A Backyard Mural

Take your artistry a step further by painting a mural on a garden wall. Covering a large area with artwork removes the need for smaller decorative pieces while adding visual movement to your outdoor space. Embellish a mural with colorful stone, tile, and metallic elements for a unique twist.

6. The Little Things

Survey your yard for unexpected locations that could use a little sprucing up. Would a garden walkway or entry benefit from a simple burst of color? Nestle a brightly painted tree stump into a garden bed or position a boldly colored, architecturally interesting piece of furniture along a blank exterior or retaining wall. Look around your backyard from multiple angles to cover all possibilities for improvement.

Adding color to your backyard design is an easy way to give it a much needed update. Follow these suggestions to banish visual boredom from your backyard for good. Or contact us for help :-).


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