June 2, 2020

8 Tropical Tips for Swimming Pool Designs and Patios in Massapequa, NY

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If you love a resort pool and the delicious fruity drinks that come with it, perhaps it is time to consider building a tropical swimming pool with an adjoining patio in your in Massapequa, NY, yard. As the summer sun arrives, a cool swimming pool can provide hours of fun for your whole family.


Tropical Swimming Pool and Patio Designs

Start with a Quality Pool Deck Stone: When you begin with a non-slip pool deck stone in a natural tone, you can relax as the kids run and jump into the pool because the surface is safe. The natural tan tones reflect the gorgeous colors of nature to make you feel like you are in the tropics.

Add Some Large Stones: Surround your poolscape with large stones and boulders to mimic the look of a huge rock hill. If you are feeling brave, place the stones at the edge of the deep end so that you can jump from them into the water.

Incorporate a Waterfall: One of the best parts of a tropical swimming pool can be the waterfalls which seem to spill into the water in multiple places. The large stones can be an ideal spot to hide a waterfall where the kids can play water games and enjoy the rushing water while having more than one waterfall can make your pool feel like an authentic vacation experience.

You Need Fire: Nestling a fire feature into the top stones can evoke the feeling of a volcano shooting fire out of the tip but on the opposite side can be steps to the fire where there are chairs for warming yourself nearby. Adding a fire feature can take your tropical pool aesthetic to the next level.

Bask in a Lagoon: As part of the shallow end of the pool, plan to make a lagoon that ends in a sandy beach space where the little ones can play. If you incorporate a place to anchor a tropical-colored umbrella within the lagoon, they can splash and delight in the water while protected from the harshest rays of the sun.

Colorful Lights: The most fun tropical pools have lights that can change colors so that your guests can never know what delightful color will greet them. Many swimming pool designs have lighting that can be switched at the touch of your phone, making it easier than ever to be festive.

Plants Make the Difference: Don’t forget how beautiful the landscape always look in a tropical location and you can add many of those plants to your outdoor space to create that bloom-filled oasis. Strategic palm trees and smaller spikey shrubs can bring the feel of a warm vacation spot while the blooming vines and plants can bring the color.

An Adjoining Patio: When you have an adjoining patio, you can build a cabana complete with curtains to keep out the sun when you want to rest from the fun. With comfortable lounge chairs and ceiling fans, this can be the spot where those who don’t want to swim can watch.

For a talented masonry design and outdoor living specialist, there is no request that is out of the question for your Massapequa, NY, tropical oasis and swimming pool—all right in your own backyard.



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