April 20, 2019

9 Features for Your Commack, NY, Swimming Pool

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A swimming pool installation involves far more than digging a hole, setting up the pool’s framework, and filling it with water. Modern pools include a wide variety of optional features that will be fun for you to decide which ones you need. With the guidance of your landscape design professional, you will want to consider these nine features for your Commack, NY, swimming pool.

Water Fountain

Whether it is centrally located within the pool or adjacent to it, a fountain feature paired with your swimming pool can be a delightful addition. It provides a sense of glamorous and classic style.


Placing a waterfall, or even a series of them, along the side of your swimming pool is another option. This choice of feature also offers superior luxury to your design. In addition to the visual spectacle, a waterfall provides a calming audible element.

Diving Board

If your pool has a deep end, it could also have a diving board. Much of the fun enjoyed with a pool comes with the initial jumping entrance. Many homeowners choose to have a retractable board for safety purposes.

Baja Step

For families with children or those who enjoy reclining in the shallow water, a Baja step provides a large expanse of a step for safe, slow entrance into the water.


Swim-up Bar

When much of your pool use involves entertaining guests in a party environment, a swim-up bar would suit your swimming pool design. Your guests will appreciate your respect for party-day decadence when drinks can be acquired without ever having to leave the water.

Game Accessories

If playing games as a family serves your lifestyle better than a bar, why not feature gaming accessories as a pool feature? Whether you add an easy-to-access hoop for basketball or a net for volleyball, keep the fun going all day with joyful pool accessories.


Landscape Lighting

The lighting associated with your pool might not be an obvious feature to include when you’re in the early planning stages, but think about how wonderful it would to keep the fun going as the sun begins to set. The right lighting could offer a beautiful spectacle as it reflects the water in the pool. As part of your landscape lighting plan, you do want to make sure that the area is well lit, and you can include water-protected lights within the pool. You can even install adjustable lighting, so you’ll be able to modify the lighting used depending on the situation.

Infinity Design

The infinity pool has quickly gained trend status among popular pool features. The optical feeling of endlessness provides a cutting-edge aesthetic that is ideal for any homeowner who wants the pool to be as stylish as it is functional. For this design to work well, the landscape meeting the edge should be appropriate for the infinity design, whether it’s another body of water or the horizon.

Fire Features

The dichotomy of fire and water is an age-old pairing. For landscaping, this combination of opposites is powerful and affects many of the senses. Place a fire pit on your poolscape or a line of protected torches along the side of the swimming pool for a significantly effective landscape design feature.


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