October 26, 2015

Above All Masonry Featured in House Magazine!

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We’re proud to announce that Above All Masonry is featured in the beautiful pages of this fall’s House magazine!

Only one-quarter of the cost of a typical project lies in the paver and wall products themselves; the majority of the cost is in labor and materials that lie below the surface. A project’s long term performance relies on the quality of this work below the surface.

Our friends at Unilock featured one of our Long Island landscape design projects in an article describing the importance of quality in both masonry materials and the contractors who install them. Unilock chose to highlight our recent pool design and paver patio in Massapequa as an embodiment of their commitment to excellence, and we’re downright honored to see our hard work featured in Long Island’s premier design magazine.

Above All Masonry not only offers life changing designs and inspirational landscapes, they put their trust in Unilock products, which meet and exceed their highest levels of quality.

As a family of artisans, we agree wholeheartedly with Unilock on the importance of the people behind the pavers. We are proud to work with them—both by utilizing their masonry products on a regular basis, and in community partnerships like our annual Welcome Home project.

Curious how this kind of commitment to excellence in quality and craftsmanship could help transform your own backyard into a magazine-worthy space? Contact us today to learn more.


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