February 14, 2019

Add Charm to Your Oyster Bay, NY, Swimming Pool with Waterfalls

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If you have ever wanted something more from your pool area, then look no further. You can create an entirely new look for your pool with the addition of a waterfall—or even multiple waterfalls. Adding a calming waterfall can instantly introduce a more luxurious feel and wonderful sounds to your Oyster Bay, NY, swimming pool and its surroundings. Here are a few ways to incorporate a waterfall into your landscape’s most used feature.

A Natural Look

When choosing a waterfall design, you want to think about the overall effect this new water feature addition will have on your landscape. How will the waterfall fit in with the rest of the tone you have set for your landscape design, and how can you make it appear as if it has always been a part of your swimming pool? For example, if your pool area currently offers exposed rock and lush greenery, then a more natural approach to your new waterfall could make it cohesive with the rest of your landscape.

Another consideration is the location. The new waterfall needs to be hooked up to the pool filtration system to give it access to clean pool water. The best part about a natural looking waterfall is its uniqueness. You may opt for water trickling over several medium-sized rocks surrounded by carefully chosen plants. On the other hand, if you want the waterfall to be the centerpiece of your landscape design, then a small rock formation might be too much of an understatement. In that case, consider large boulders with overhangs from which the water can run off into lavish greenery. Both of these can be expertly integrated into the rest of your yard, making it look like it has been there since the beginning of time. A waterfall with a natural appearance would be a truly magical addition that will turn your pool patio into a relaxing place to hang out.

A Sleek Effect

If a natural waterfall isn’t your style, then perhaps a sleek design is more suitable. For an outdoor living area that contains clean edges and polished pavers, you can incorporate similar materials and aesthetics into your new waterfall. By bringing these aspects to the design of the waterfall, you will further the illusion that it was part of your poolscape all along.

The next element to consider is the shape of the waterfall. You may prefer a waterfall that’s on the shorter side. A shorter, quarter wall with a wide, steady stream of water flowing into your pool will create the effect of a waterfall without the height.

A Rustic Style

If none of the designs above spark your interest, then a more rustic design might be preferred. When it comes to a rustic design, you may want to consider how you can incorporate wood, worn stone, or aged metal. Depending on the colors of the rest of your patio, a dark cobblestone could be a wonderful base for a rustic-style waterfall. From there, you can have the water run across weathered stones to create that iconic flowing sound of a waterfall. To contrast all of the cold stone, add warm accents of stained wood. This will round out the design and create a fitting addition to your pool patio.



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