November 21, 2018

Add Style to Your Paver Patio and Walkway with Pebbles and Rocks in Melville, NY

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When done right, adding pebbles and rocks to your Melville, NY, landscape can give it an entirely different look. Pebbles and rocks are usually found in natural, modern landscape designs, so if that is the theme you would like for your patios or walkway, then these ideas are just for you.

Flower Bed Borders

A common way rocks are used throughout a landscape is by highlighting favorite features. An example of this would be placing flower beds along a walkway or pathway. Using a thick line of rocks, your landscaper can trace the outer lines of the flower bed. This treatment will produce an excellent border for your flower beds, as well as create a contrast well with the mulch beside it. Using this strategy also pulls your grass line back away from your flowers, preventing any potential for damage to your flower garden. You could also spice things up by using different colored rocks—mix the color of the rocks with the surrounding landscape for a cohesive design.

Multi-Color Rock Garden

Rock gardens are a great way to bring color to your patio area while also lowering the need for constant upkeep. Unlike most plants and shrubs, rock gardens look great no matter what time of year it is. This can greatly improve the look of your patio area especially during the winter months. For added dimension, you could include shrubs and other small plants to break up the flat space. Rock gardens benefit greenery that is planted near them because the rocks allow the water to soak into the soil much quicker than grass.

Pebble Walkway with Oversized Stepping Stones

Long pathways can be an elegant way to connect two sides of a larger landscape. The traditional walkway can be given a makeover by switching up materials. Try using oversized concrete pavers with a large space in between each one that could be filled with pebbles. Contrast the color of pebbles and concrete pavers to create a dramatic look, or accent the color of your house for a more subtle aesthetic. This design creates the opportunity for customization because of the versatility of the concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are available in numerous textures and shapes, so you’re given room to be creative.

Rock Gutter Runoff

During the design process, homeowners tend to not give much thought to the area where their gutter drains live. However, even here lies opportunity for creativity. Rocks and pebbles can make this particular area more visually appealing. This can become necessary if the gutter system drains near a high-traffic area of your patio where people can see it. Place rocks and pebbles atop a waterproof layer to create a water feature out of your gutter. The waterproof layer helps keep the normal direction of drainage away from your home’s foundation. Mix and match colors and sizes to give this forgotten area. To give this space even more attention, try placing shrubs and other small plant life around it to give your gutter drain a makeover.

Sometimes, the most effective changes to your landscape design come in a small form, multiplied. Rocks and pebbles can offer the kind of gorgeous change you’ve been looking for your patio and walkway.

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