July 4, 2020

Applying “Less Is More” to Your Outdoor Fireplace Design in Huntington Station and Hicksville, NY Areas

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A Huntington Station and Hicksville, NY, area outdoor fireplace does not have to be elaborate to be gorgeous. When you apply the “less is more” thought to the design, a skilled landscape company can vary certain aspects of appearance to bring a delightful fireplace to your yard.


Fireplace Style

The style of your outdoor fireplace is up to you but often it can be an excellent plan to coordinate your fire feature with the style of your home. A contemporary home can have geometric shapes and proportions along with the use of wood and metal as accents. An outdoor fireplace can echo that look with a stucco fireplace in the shape of a rectangle or square. Add a hefty reclaimed wood mantle and a metal fire wood holder to bring all of the elements of your home into the design.

A more traditional or cottage-style home can be highlighted with a similar fireplace plan. Brick can be a choice that can blend with any style of architecture as can rustic stone. Because stone and brick come in so many shades and tones, you can choose the one that works best with the look you desire.

Fireplace Size

All outdoor fireplaces do not have to be huge—you might prefer a smaller fireplace for the ease of placing it exactly where you want it. They don’t have to take up so much space that you feel as if you have to plan another outdoor space just to have a fireplace.

A small fireplace can be tucked into a corner of your patio area or in an unused area of your yard. Add a gravel covered space in front and place Adirondack chairs there and you can have a relaxing time by the fire anytime you wish.

When your landscape will accommodate a larger fireplace, consider making it a focal point of its own with a paving stone floor so that you can add comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture to the front where you would normally want to sit and warm yourself.

Fireplace Patterns

One of the most amazing parts of planning an outdoor fireplace can be the materials that you select and how you want to combine them. A talented stone mason can suggest many ways to use the stone and brick selections for a unique outdoor fire feature.

When using bricks, you can vary the laying pattern with a basketweave look, a soldier course, or a traditional laying pattern. You might choose to have selected stones interspersed into the pattern or even layers of alternating stones and bricks.

You could choose a full masonry fireplace with gorgeous stones to outline the fireplace opening and then repeat them again in the chimney. You could even top your stone fireplace with a custom copper chimney for a weighty look.

A skilled stone mason and landscape design service has unlimited materials, plans, and ideas to bring your Huntington Station and Hicksville, NY, area outdoor fireplace to life. Even during the chilly fall and early winter, relaxing by an outdoor fireplace can be comfortable and cozy.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek, custom-built outdoor gas fireplace or a beautiful yet old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace, a team of stone masons can fit a fire feature into your landscape so that you can enjoy it at any time.

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