May 5, 2016

Long Island Backyard Design Essentials

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When we think of our Long Island homes, we often think of the square footage, number of bedrooms, and maybe even the front steps. When spring finally brings warmer weather, many of us crave spending time in our backyards; so why let this important space of your home drop off your priority list? Don’t! Here are a few backyard design essentials and tips to help you start making the most of out of your outdoor living spaces.

Aesthetic Considerations

Before redesigning your backyard, take some time to come up with your style needs. Some people prefer simple, clean designs. Perhaps you’re looking for more child-friendly or pet pleasing areas. Maybe you want a traditional, classy look to complement the architecture of your home. Determine this style before deciding on walkways, patios, and other areas – since this will be a guiding principle in the type of materials, cost, and layout.

Outdoor Gatherings

When the weather warms up, many people pledge to spend more time outdoors but end up spending most of their time inside due to limited outdoor entertaining areas. Avoid this trap by transforming your backyard into a welcoming oasis. One popular option is to install a deck that connects to a patio. This gives you a great space to gather with friends and family members. The different (but connected) spaces promote mingling and makes it easier to host larger gatherings. Depending on your home’s layout – consider elevated decks that come off of a kitchen and connect to other decking spaces and patio. And of course, to protect the party from light rain showers (as well as really sunny days), add shade with roof over your deck or patio.

What Relaxes You?

For a focal point and soothing effect, choose something large such as a pond or waterfall. For a more peaceful retreat-like space, small intimate spaces are best. Think reading a book on bench under a tree surrounded with privacy plantings or a comfortable lounger with enough shade from the sun. Of course relaxing can mean different things for people. Maybe it’s nature you crave or gardening for a short escape. If you’re a wine drinker, then maybe it’s an easily accessible wine cooler in your outdoor kitchen that could make relaxing outside easier. Whatever it is, carefully consider your needs (as well as your family’s).

An Extra Living Room

Home additions can be expensive since they typically require more expensive architecture, construction, and tons of permitting. Outdoor living rooms, on the other hand, require much less hassle. Picture: weatherproof furniture, beautiful and durable patio flooring, ambient outdoor lighting, music, and a cozy fireplace – and you have yourself a dreamy living room, outdoors!

Your backyard provides endless opportunities for transforming your home, so make the most of it. Whether you want to create a large gathering space or simply want to add a bit of natural appeal, make sure you’re using all the space your property has to offer. Happy 3 season outdoor living!


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