October 8, 2017

Backyard Designs for Intimate Spaces in NY

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If your backyard isn’t as spacious as you’d prefer, don’t be discouraged from investing in your landscape design. The smallest backyards can sometimes be the most visually powerful, as they concentrate the shades and textures of your hardscape and softscape. They also allow for the coziest and most intimate fireside set-ups. Here are a few ways to make the most of a small backyard in Huntington Station, NY:

Include a fire pit for the fall

A fire feature can bring warmth and ambience to your small backyard, allowing you to enjoy the space despite the chilly bite of the evening air. The intimate atmosphere it creates is also amplified by the cozy feel many small backyards possess. A fire feature is an excellent way to personalize your outdoor space and can be completely customizable. Consider surrounding a low, round fire pit with a geometric arrangement of sleek wooden benches for a campfire-like design that retains its modern appeal.

Low walls as a space-saving solution

Low walls are essential for the separation of distinct outdoor ‘rooms’ and can help bring order to a landscape design. Furthermore, their dual-purpose nature can also save space in small backyards where space is needed most. Instead of surrounding your fire pit with bulky chairs or sofas, consider constructing a low wall around it. When adorned with plush accent pillows, this structure doubles as casual seating space. Creating sophisticated wooden seats with hollow interiors will grant you hidden storage space where your accent pillows can be protected from the elements.

Pergolas can define outdoor rooms

Some backyards are too small to enclose spaces with low walls. However, the intimacy created with this division can still be achieved with the use of a pergola. Space for the grounding of four poles is all you need to install a wooden pergola over your sofa area or fireside space. A pergola will immediately invite people to the area and define that outdoor ‘room’  as the main feature of your landscape. The rich warm shades of wood wash over the space, making it feel even more cozy.

Subdued shades and textures for an accumulative visual impact

Opt for hardscaping materials in muted shades, bearing subtle textures. These versatile materials are more compatible with one another than the combination of vibrant, contrasting colors and textures. They are also excellent candidates for intimate backyards as their visual impact is not too overwhelming, even when concentrated into a small space. Examples of these sorts of materials include light wood and sleek, large format tiles in neutral shades.

A small contemporary pool with spa-like appeal

Having a small backyard should by no means stop you from endeavoring to install a pool for the summer months. Irregularly shaped pools can consume a lot of space, but having a narrow geometric pool run along the edge of your backyard is a space-saving solution. These linear pools have a distinct contemporary and resort-like look, especially when accompanied by a modern landscape design that utilizes sleek materials. Consider adding soft lighting and chic upholstered recliners to the edge of the pool for a luxurious touch.


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