April 21, 2017

Backyard Designs for Homes with Incredible Views

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Stepping into your backyard should bring about a sense of peace and tranquility – your own personal haven away from the rest of the world. And what could be more tranquil than a sweeping view right from your backyard? If you’re lucky enough to own a home on Long Island, NY with an incredible view, why not take advantage of this with these stunning design ideas?

Sip Wine by the Mediterranean Sea

Do you want a backyard that can transport you directly to Europe? Do you want to feel like you’re overlooking the ocean from your French villa while sipping wine with family and friends? Then a Mediterranean design is exactly what your backyard needs. These gorgeous landscapes are designed to capture the essence of towns along the Mediterranean coast and commonly involve statues, fountains, and terra cotta pots. Limestone or travertine patio flooring are also a popular choice for these designs. Limestone or cobblestone can be incorporated into walkways to further enhance the Mediterranean effect. Archways and trellises draped with grapevines or similar vines can complete the illusion.

If you can see the water from your Long Island home, it won’t take much imagination to believe you are in Spain, Italy, or France, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Experience Modern Elegance

Modern designs place emphasis on functionality, clean lines, sweeping curves and an uncluttered space. This doesn’t mean that modern designs are without character, however. Ornamentation is instead replaced with materials rich in contrast and texture that stand by themselves as decorative elements.

Polished natural stone, wood, and metal are commonly used to create contrast, which is a crucial component of these designs. With the simplicity of a modern design, a breathtaking view is all the more impactful. Furthermore, the simple curves and shapes can be arranged in such a way as to guide the eye straight out to emphasize the most important feature – the view. The use of glass and other transparent materials prevalent in modern design creates another opportunity for the view to be placed at centerstage.

Take a Trip to the Tropics

If you’re overdue for a holiday but just don’t have the time or would like to look outside and imagine yourself on your own private tropical island, consider a tropical theme for your backyard.

These designs incorporate lush green gardens and an abundance of naturalistic water elements. If your home already has a pool, then all the better, although a pool is definitely not a prerequisite. Consider having a waterfall feature cascading from natural rocks into a pond or pool to create ambience.

And of course a tropical paradise wouldn’t be complete without an incredible view. The natural ambience created by this theme can help unite your landscape with a view of nature. To further enhance the beauty of your vantage point, a rustic fire table can be used to draw the eye outwards or provide a warm place to enjoy the setting in the evening.


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