October 31, 2017

Backyard Designs for Massive Massapequa Park Properties

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A large landscape offers many opportunities for stunning outdoor spaces. But a big yard can also present a variety of design challenges. When working with a large area, it’s important to start with a good site plan. Incorporating these large-scale elements into your Massapequa Park, NY, backyard will help create a layout that maximizes space and enjoyment.

Create Zones

Your site plan should provide harmony and flow among your outdoor spaces. Creating zones with specific uses or themes is an ideal way to take advantage of a really big backyard. Areas for entertaining, relaxing, and dining are popular, but the possibilities are endless. With an expansive space, you can customize your yard to suit your unique needs.

Form Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms are an excellent way to maximize the potential of a large backyard. An outdoor kitchen that isn’t restricted by space can be just as functional as an indoor kitchen. Extras like a sink, fridge, side-burner, or smoker can’t always be accommodated in a smaller area.

An outdoor living room makes a great place to relax and unwind. Including a selection of comfortable seating choices and accessible side tables will make the space more inviting.  Other options such as a poolside bar or kids’ play area can also be included in your backyard plan.

Incorporate Water Features

A pool or water feature is a must-have in an expansive landscape.  With ample space to work with, your pool installation can be made to feel like a retreat right in your own backyard. Including a hot tub will make your private getaway feel even more spa-like. Features like a waterfall or rock wall can be used to create a more natural feel than plain concrete decking. Incorporating a pond or stream will add movement to your landscape and invite wildlife into your yard. The soothing sound of moving water is also very calming and will help mask city noises.


Add Warmth

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is the perfect spot to gather when the temperature drops. A fireplace makes a great focal point for an outdoor living room. Adding a heat source creates a space that’s cozy and inviting and will extend the length of your outdoor season. If gathering around a campfire is more your style, consider a built-in fire pit instead. A fire pit creates another area for friends and family to get together and socialize. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, a fire pit can be designed to blend seamlessly with your landscape.

Sport Courts

A sporting court in your backyard creates a safe place for children to play, encourages family members to stay active, and makes a great place for friends to gather. Tennis courts have long been included in larger landscapes, however, the options for outdoor sporting courts are endless. Basketball courts and putting greens are popular, but a batting cage, lawn bowling green or skating rink could also be incorporated.

Build Structures

One of the major benefits of a large landscape is the ability to integrate structures without detracting from your available outdoor space. A greenhouse, garden shed or even a guest cottage are all features that will add function and can be designed to blend with your landscape. To add structure without blocking any views, consider an open gazebo or pergola instead of a walled building.


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