November 30, 2019

Backyard Designs That Merge the Indoors and Outdoors for Sophisticated Outdoor Entertaining on Long Island, NY

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If you wish you had more space for entertaining but you would rather not add on to your Long Island, NY, house itself, consider installing landscape features that help to blend the indoors with the outdoors. Blurring the lines between your indoor space and outdoor space can greatly extend your living footprint. Consider the following ideas for backyard designs that would do the trick.

While merging an indoor living room with an outdoor living room is quite the trend lately, it can truly be a practical way to increase your entertaining space. Being able to double your space once you slide open a glass door and step outside can be both rewarding and beneficial.

Living Spaces That Feel Connected

A seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces can help to make your guests feel at ease as they move from one area to the next during your parties. As they maneuver their way around your dining areas or kitchens—both indoor and outdoor—the finer details can bring out your style preferences and suggest a cohesiveness throughout your entire home.

You could repeat a particular color or material that is featured prominently in your indoor kitchen when you have your outdoor kitchen built. If you frequently have large parties, you may find a use for both kitchens at once, and the back and forth between cooking stations could feel seamless.

Keep It Level

When you keep your outdoor living space at the same level as your indoor space, this can increase the seamless feel as there is very little to no step downward, and it can all feel like one big area. Keeping the color of your outdoor patio flooring the same as the indoor flooring can also blur the distinction between the two spaces. You may want to aim for there to be no break in the visual look of both floors as much as possible.

Add a Roof

Consider adding a covering to your outdoor space to protect a portion of your outdoor living space from the elements and to give you the ability to use your space even when the weather is not cooperating. This can keep the space feeling like a true extension of your home. The roof does not have to extend over the entire space, as even half of it covered can allow for extended use despite the weather.

Consider a Fire Feature

Many Long Island, NY, indoor living rooms have fireplaces, and you can have this feature for your outdoor space, too. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace can bring the warmth and ambiance you love for entertaining or even just for a chilly night when you want to be outdoors. With the colors and sizes of landscape stones, there is one that can complement your home’s exterior and architecture to keep your outdoor space cozy.

Consult Landscape Design Professionals

Your masonry and landscape design experts can help you think through all of the important characteristics you want for your outdoor space, and they have the strategies to help you blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces. They know that there’s no better space to relax with family and friends than under a sunny (or starry) sky.


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